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Top 10 Benefits of Using ColdFusion

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A commercial rapid web application development platform, ColdFusion has several advantages and is preferred for its ability to deliver high performance in any language. ColdFusion fits perfectly well into the prominent server systems. Therefore, websites using this platform can be integrated into varying databases.


Let us look into the primary benefits of ColdFusion:


1. Allows for Secure Applications- ColdFusion enables developers to ensure additional security of the servers thereby preventing them from getting affected by cross-site scripting (XSS) or cross-site requests forgery (CSRF). This is done by means of sanitizing user input by using built- in functions. The enhanced log-in mechanisms increase the authenticity of the applications. The new secure profile allows developers to enable the default security settings across the server. The RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries provide FIPS 140a certified strong encryption.


2. Offers the Most Advanced HTML5 WebSockets and Charts- ColdFusion accompanies an excellent built-in support for HTML5, as a result of which, developers can create a range of applications including E-commerce, Web-based games, online podcasts, online collaboration, social networking, etc. The built-in support for the HTML5 WebSockets enables developers to publish data to a number of clients as well as carry out a point-to-point data push with real-time response from the servers. Customized charts pave the way for a much better user experience.


3. Enhances the Level of Performance- The built-in Apache Tomcat application that comes with the ColdFusion makes it easy for web developers to take advantage of the support of the developer community and engage in using the latest web standards as well as regular security updates. Creation of multiple cache regions becomes possible too.


4. Enables Easy Building of Mobile Applications- The ColdFusion component can be published as a Representational State Transfer Web service. There is the built-in support for various HTTP methods including that of serialization and de-serialization of JSON and XML. While the out-of-the-box REST support allows easy building of interfaces for mobile applications, the WebSockets strengthens bidirectional communication.


5. Ensures Better Task Management- The platform enables developers to engage in a more organized as well as flexible management of tasks by virtue of event handling, application- specific tasks, chaining and grouping.


6. Leads to Hassle-Free Publishing of WSDL-Based Web Services- ColdFusion incorporates support for SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 2.0 specification. The support through AXIS2 engine and a document literal wrapped style allows developers to create and publish WSDL- based web services without troubles.


7. Improves Productivity- ColdFusion includes enhanced scripting support, which fastens the process of building full-fledged applications. The language enhancements, on the other hand, improve readability and code quality. A much better control and flexibility is facilitated by closures.


8. Creates Scalable Applications- ColdFusion allows developers to create quantifiable applications. This is possible through creation and management of multiple server instances in a virtualized environment. With ColdFusion, developers have the opportunity to deploy it as WAR or EAR from within the Java EE application servers.


9. Leads to Engaging Websites- Considering that the websites, today, act as gateways to the success of the business enterprises, one of the most prominent benefits of ColdFusion is that it helps developers to create engaging websites that promise customized functionality.


10. Comes in Three Advanced Editions- ColdFusion appears in three latest editions, each offering specific advantages for developers. The Enterprise Edition improves performance and helps in delivering multiple websites as well as applications on multiple servers or J2EE application server installations. The ColdFusion 10 Standard is an easily manageable configuration while the ColdFusion 10 Developer Edition is a fully- featured server for development use only.


The benefits which can be harnessed from coldfusion application development are many. All of these, combined together, enable brands and business across all industries gain significant reputation. ColdFusion is the brand new technological definition of basic customer service. The best part of this application development platform is that it simplifies the most complex issues like searching, tracking or loading of data from different sources.


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