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Importance Of The Optometrist Fraser MI

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One way to think of secondary care areas is to consider the problems
that can affect people at the two extremes of life: infants and children
tend to have vision problems that are not often experienced by adults,
including binocular vision problems and reading disabilities, which may
be managed by lenses or vision therapy. Also, older adults tend to have
problems that are not likely to be experienced during the earlier years
of life, including ocular health problems and vision impairment, which
may be managed by lenses, medical treatment, or the use of low-vision
aids. Therefore, two obvious secondary care—or specialty—areas are
pediatric optometry/vision therapy and geriatric optometry/vision
impairment. A continuing problem within optometry is that a primary care
optometrist may be unwilling to refer a patient to a secondary care
optometrist unless the latter optometrist Fraser MI restricts his or her
practice to the secondary care area. Otherwise, the patient is likely
to conclude that the optometrist to whom he or she is referred is
capable of doing all of the things that the referring optometrist can
do, with the addition of the procedure for which he or she was referred.

was indeed a problem during the 1950s and 1960s, when contact lenses
were gaining wide acceptance with the public but many optometrists
considered contact lens fitting to be a specialty. A patient who was
referred to a contact lens specialist often found that all of his or her
optometric needs (and those of other family members) could be taken
care of by the contact lens specialist, with the result that the
referring optometrist would never see that patient (or the patient's
family) again! Fortunately, contact lenses soon became so popular that
all optometrists realized that they could not ignore this important area
of practice. Large numbers of optometrists who had graduated in the
pre-contact lens era flocked to continuing education courses held by
contact lens manufacturers, optometry schools, and other optometric

Until larger numbers of optometrist Fraser MI
restrict their practices to the pediatric optometry/vision therapy and
geriatric optometry/vision impairment areas, some patients may
unfortunately continue to fall through the cracks in the system.
However, it is possible to work within the present system if—as
suggested in regard to low-vision care- primary care optometrists are
able and willing to provide basic services in specially care areas and
are able to establish management arrangements with secondary care
optometrists, just as they routinely do with ocular surgeons and other
secondary or tertiary care medical practitioners.

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