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What rhinoplasty can do?

by gregore

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Rhinoplasty, For the Unhappy Nose (owner)

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery, which can be performed to repair or modify the size and shape of your nose. An oddly shaped or large nose may be modified to be more proportional for your face. Sizable noses can produce embarrassment or humiliation for an individual. Rhinoplasty corrects nasal imperfections, as well as adjusts the overall look and size of the nose. A number of people choose this surgery each year as a method for improving their appearance. This particular cosmetic treatment is very popular and is growing more so each year. There are over two hundred thousand of these surgeries performed every year in just the United States. It is nice to know that these imperfections can be corrected, and individuals no longer have to live unhappily with what nature provided.

Rhinoplasty is the medical name for the procedure more commonly known as a nose job. The length of the procedure, as well as the location where the rhinoplasty is performed, depends on the results being sought. The majority of rhinoplasties are completed on an outpatient basis, and sometimes the surgeon may advise a brief stay in the hospital. General anesthesia can be employed for longer, more complex operations; however, a local anesthetic is often used for less extensive procedures. Incisions are produced inside the nostrils, or at the bottom part of the septum, permitting the cartilage and bone to be shaped according to the patient’s needs. The nostrils are reshaped, eliminating compact wedges of skin along the facial structure, making it possible for them to be relocated nearer to each other, thereby enhancing breathing overall.

Rhinoplasty is not solely performed for cosmetic reasons. There are also medical reasons why patients may need nose surgery. Regardless of whether you have the procedure for cosmetic reasons, or because you need to have breathing problems dealt with, it is imperative to make sure the surgeon you select is board certified. Rhinoplasty in Houston is one of the safest cosmetic procedures being performed today. As with any surgery, there is a potential for risk and complications. However, they are minimal, and a competent plastic surgeon will perform numerous procedures every year, safely and effectively. Some bruising and swelling result from the surgery and are to be expected during the recovery period. This is normal for plastic or medical rhinoplasty.

If you wish to talk with a plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty, get in touch Memorial Plastic Surgery. We are a plastic, cosmetic, and reconstruction facility providing cosmetic surgical services for the residents of Houston. Our surgeon, Dr. Patrick Hsu, is board certified, with a significant amount of expertise performing this surgical procedure. Our number one objective is to help our patients obtain the enhancements they seek and deserve. Our modern and innovative surgery center was created with patient convenience and comfort at heart. Allow us to arrange a consultation with Dr. Hsu so you can discover how you can finally be happy with your nose.

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