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Top 3 Ways to Get Success

by generaled12

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Many a times, in spite of writing an essay, enriched with all the resources of standing out, the prospective candidate ends up getting a ding or letter of rejection from business schools. The outcome is indeed disappointing, but such instances are almost regular affair in the reputed business schools like Indian School of Business or ISB. If you are an MBA aspirant and planning for a dream career in ISB, it’s time to ponder on the ISB essays and ISB essay tips, so that you can get the hold of what you have to write in the paper.

The process of interview is same for all ISB campus, be it Hyderabad or Mohali and the essays play the pivotal part in determining your candidature with the institution. According to the ISB’s admission committee, these essays are so well framed that they help evaluating a student’s personality and his capability in proving himself as well as his acquired skills in the competitive business market.

Since, the students who have got the chance to get through the ISB screening are all exceptional in terms of their GMAT scores, work experience, extracurricular and academic records, it’s truly difficult to spot the ones who actually deserve a 12 months tenured degree program from ISB. Hence, the ISB PGP interview process is extremely rigorous and essays are the most important part to gauge the individual’s capability.

Here, we have come up with some ISB essay tips that are surely going to help you in your upcoming interview in Indian School of Business. Take a look.

  1. The first and foremost part what you have to keep in mind is that you must avoid lying about yourself. The first essay topic is essentially designed to understand what kind of person are you. Be sure to get disqualified, in case you change any facts about yourself. Even if you have written a great essay with flowery language and literary words, the change of facts can make you lose your chances with ISB. The admission panel can detect such attitude from miles away.


  1. Secondly, avoid exaggerating about the campus when you are asked that why you have chosen ISB for your post graduation program. There’s no point in talking about how great are the faculty members or the beautiful scenery around. Focus on saying something about the MBA programs and the reason for choosing it. You can also highlight that how the chosen program can help improving your career opportunities in the long run. The admission committee is more interested to find out that how focused you are.


  1. It’s almost deadly to be someone, which you are not. Try to be true to yourself and to the admission panel. This is how you can stand out and won’t be generic. In order to determine student’s individuality, sometimes, the ISB admission panel asks their opinion about any real life situation or incident. So, be yourself, while stating your opinion, no matter how weird it is. If not anything, it will highlight your individuality, which paves the path to your success.


Remember, getting through the ISB interview is not just about merit. Presence of mind has a lot to do about it and ISB essay tips are sure to help you succeed.

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