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The Best Residential School in India

by tamimaahmad

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Residential facilities with the education are the best and short definition of Residential school. There are many Residential School in India & these types of schools are also known as boarding schools. These schools can be in Hindi medium, English Medium and mixture of both. Also some Residential schools in India are meant for only boys and some are for only girls. But where ever the co-education model exists, the residential or the hostel facility is separate.


As the name suggest these types of schools provides the residential services enriched with all basis amenities. Here student live in the campus area only. There can be a possibility that these types of schools do not have day scholars. The faculty of such type of school also put up in students residential campus.  To meet all these kind of requirements, these schools normally built these schools in larger area, where all the required and important sections of school can be built in having appropriate area. Not only the class and Residential area, these kinds of schools has a proper playground and activities area. Some renowned school has attached auditorium and screens. This is just to facilitate all the students with all the latest technologies and entertainment.


To build all these under one roof, there is a huge requirement of land. Hence to fulfill these requirements the founders normally approach areas or places where land is quite cheaper and the locality is moderate. India is known as the hub of several such schools, which are ranked high globally.


Hence, such schools merely known for building a strong base for all their students to stand out in the global competition. To meet global need, most of the schools accept ENGLISH as the medium to run their courses. English Medium residential schools in India are focused on English as a base language, where no other language is taught. Most of these schools build or prepare their student to meet the requirement or expertise of top notch Business, Medical, Scientific professional institute. These schools normally work on a philosophy to build believes and trusts in all round developments of the student. 


Education is a life-long process, but it must develop from firm and broad foundations. Residential school follows these principles and makes education effective. Due to legislature system of India, all schools including day boarding, Residential and etc, have to adhere basic requirement of the system.


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