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Lausanne Call Girls - Having A Pretty Good Life

by a1girls

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In the small Swiss city of Lausanne is a form of trade rising at a pretty alarming rate. If one is trying to figure out what it is then very well, Lausanne escort service should be a slight indication of what is being referred to here.

It is legal:
Lausanne call girls are thriving. Thanks to the Swiss lawmakers who think it is one of the world’s oldest professions and nothing should be done to completely hinder it. Swiss laws allow sex trade in the country in a rather different fashion. Although restricted and bound by certain rules and regulations, sex trade has been thriving. This is mainly because punishments that exist are rather minimal or exist in very rare forms. The authorities believe it is also a form of sex tourism. One cannot deny that as a fact. It has been observed that a large number of people from the world are known to travel to the city as tourists just to avail fantastic indulgence.

Lausanne escort business is mainly of service to the elite people. Very famous and wealthy businessmen are regular customers here. Talking of customers, it is not only the businessmen. There are also lawyers, doctors, architects and all other sex hungry people. Most wealthy people pay astonishingly huge amounts for the service of these petite, beautiful damsels. These mistresses are known to be paid excruciating tips in both, cash and kind from their clients. One only needs to be superb and a real good performer such that it pleases the client.

The prices start at a pretty high point. Ranging from 400 Swiss Francs for an hour they travel right up to highest sums of 2500 Swiss Francs for the entire night. Lausanne escorts seem to be making the most of that. Highly fashionable they are and of rather charming confidence. Apartments need to be hired and those payments are a separate entity. Also there is a certain amount to be paid to the escort services. Besides the usual payments, there are cash tips too as earlier mentioned. They are taken for dinner by their clients to star restaurants. They have pretty much become a part of the elite lifestyle.
Street prostitution:
This form of sex trade happens to be a rather new and illegal addition. It cannot be truly denied that it has been taking place in certain parts of the city. Authorities have received such reports and yet nothing proper has been done as it is very minimal and hard to track. There have known houses constructed illegally that are known to serve clients. These are called as ‘street boxes’. Street prostitution is often disturbing to the common residents in the city.

Sex trade in the city has given many of these otherwise jobless girls a life. They can be proud to earning their own money, be it by selling their bodies than be a constant problem in the bustling city life.

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