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4 things you must not do when holidaying in Egypt

by askaladdin

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When you are heading to a new destination, especially an offshore one, then it is best to acquaint yourself with the local norms and traditions. Besides, in today’s internet-driven era, it is quite easy to extract information about any place. When it comes to Egypt, it is the sheer popularity of this country which would fill up your screen with oodles of information. You are just one Google search away from getting to know all that you want to know about this place. Alternately, you can also purchase an Egypt tour guide which is available in both offline and online markets.

So, without wasting your time further, let us dive into the list of things you should not do in Egypt:

i. You may have a liberal attitude or your native country may be very casual about attires. But Egypt’s people are deeply religious and their faith does not permit women to roam about in skimpy dresses. So, you should not don a short skirt or a sleeveless top or any dress which shows a lot of skin! Even, wearing shorts would be considered immoral!

ii. You must not mock or humiliate or show any sort of disregard or disrespect towards the local Islamic religion. Such an act from a foreign tourist would be considered immoral and blasphemous. Besides, when you are visiting another nation, it is your own moral responsibility to respect every aspect of the nation, even if you personally do not agree with it.

iii. You must not watch or search for porn DVDs in this country. An Egypt tour guide would clearly tell you that pornography is not permitted in this country. So, if you are caught with such banned CDs, then you may face legal trouble. Do not even bring such materials from your native land as that too would put you in some trouble.

iv. Do not pick up a fight with the locals. Some tourists often lose their cool over certain trivial issues and get involved in a brawl. At times, after getting drunk, foreign men involve themselves in fights and disputes! Such acts would earn you and your country a lot of disrepute. Besides, you can also be penalized if you are found guilty. In any case, such acts would also spoil your holiday mood. So, better stay out of any undesirable incident. If you tend to lose your temper easily, then please practice a bit of self-control or meditate before coming to this country.

To visit this country, you will be required to buy an Egypt tour package! You can buy it online after checking your requirements and drawing up a budget.

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