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A Trip To One Of The World's Most Livable Cities - Auckland

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It's time to visit the North Island of New Zealand as Auckland calls visitors from around the globe for a fabulous trip. Across the globe Auckland has the largest Polynesian population and is also the most populous urban area in New Zealand. Its location makes it a great avenue for tourists from around the world. It lies between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean to the east, and low ranges and harbors on other sides.  Its unique geographical location makes it a rare place in the world with harbors on two separate major water bodies.

Offerings of the Beta World City

Places of interest

Ranked as the 9th most livable city in the world and listed among the prestigious Beta World cities, Auckland has a diverse and rich geographic structure with volcanic fields, Harbors, gulf and rivers. All these also make it a great spot for adventure trips. Auckland is a hot spot for many adventures like bungee jumping, back water rafting, hiking, horse trekking, diving and Kayaks. You might also want to try the cruise here for a splendid experience.

Read the story of the Pacific New Zealanders via its numerous museums in Auckland.  Another way to tread back in time is to visit the Howick Historical Village. Experience the 1840’s to the 1880’s period in the marvelous journey. This living museum can give you a lifetime experience.

Festivals and Events

Auckland is a place where boredom ceases to exist. It has so many festivals and events happening throughout the year that a tourist can never choose the best time to be around. The best parties here are for free. You must visit the Local Farmers Markets to get the real taste of the local life at Auckland. It isn’t a place for buying and selling alone, it has music, coffee and friends add undying flavor to life.


It has a warm-temperate climate. The summers are humid and warm, with temperatures varying between 20-30°C. Winters in Auckland are mild and damp, with temperatures ranging from 10-15°C. This makes Flights to Auckland a great option to travel to this wonderland.

Flights to Auckland – A heavenly experience

Give it to the diverse geographical features of Auckland; flights to Aucklandare a heavenly experience. The view from above is breathtaking. Not to mention the ease and comfort which to get compared to other means of transport. You might want to book sooner to get a great deal.

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