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Tow your vehicle to save it from damaging

by advinrosa

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Know the basic things about towing.

Get some knowledge of towing a vehicle. If you don’t have any knowledge about what you are doing, there is a possibility that you cause more damage to your vehicle. This may cost you more than the cost if you have a tow trust tow it. By Towing san Francisco a vehicle safely, we can avoid repairs and costly damage.

When you are towing a vehicle whose drive wheels are left on the road by you, severe transmission damage is caused. The best way is with a trailer. In this method, all the four wheels are not on the ground. Any vehicle including four wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, this way of towing is better.

Other option is a tow bar. This tow bar is in the shape of a triangle, having a set of ridged bars. One end of this tow bar is attached to bumper of the car which you are towing. The other end of the tow bar is connected to the ball hitch on the tow vehicle. And here we can see all the four wheels of the vehicle on the ground. If there is manual transmission on the vehicle which is of four wheel drive type, the way you have is to pop it in neutral and then tow the vehicle with the tow bar.

The other option is the tow dollies. In this method, all the four wheels are lifted above the ground. Whenever you see towing a car, you can find tow dollies towing your car. The drive shaft is to be disconnected and removed while towing a rear wheel drive vehicle by the tow dollies. This doesn’t damage the transmission.

Towing of an automatic vehicle is also possible. But to protect it, you need some accessories which are like Drive shaft couple device. This device includes the switches between driving and towing. The other accessories are Lube pump and Axle lock. When the lube pump is towed, it keeps the transmission lubricated. For towing a front wheel drive vehicle, the Axle lock disconnects the automatic transmission. All these towing options are costly and these towing options are more practical, if you are towing a vehicle all the time behind your RV.

To prevent your vehicle from damaging, towing is the best option keeps your vehicle safe in all conditions. Try to know about towing services, even if you don’t have any accidents on the road.

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