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Valuable Tips for Bringing About Improvements in your Websit

by CharlesPeterson

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The colors, designs, graphics and fonts used in your website design can make a world of difference between success and failure. Whereas a carefully planned website design Cairns can attract high conversion and low exit and bounce rates, a badly designed web presence can mean low sales and high rates of abandonment.

So, how do you make sure that visitors do not exit your site as soon as they land there? Valuable tips offered by professionals linked with website design Cairns make sure that they linger on your portal and click to buy stuff.

Logo: You need to have a carefully chosen logo in place and make sure that you highlight the same on a very prominent place on your homepage and other embedded links. The logo on other pages should be effectively linked back to the home page--to enable easy navigation within the website.

Intuitive navigation: You must remember to have your primary navigation links on the menu bar which is placed alongside the top portion of your site; and on a horizontal bar. The secondary links and navigation options can be placed beneath the primary bar or on a vertical space on the left hand portion of the page called the sidebar. Intuitive navigation plays an important role in helping surfers find their way around your website--rather than quitting after getting confused.

Remove all clutter: Don't give your visitor too many options. Keeping the web design simple helps you avoid all clutter. Overloading customers with too much information or making the page heavy with visual graphics, info graphics, animated gifs and videos can backfire in a big way. They divert the attention away from important textual content and make your site less effective than what it really is.

Keep Textual content short: Another vital tip for streamlining pages is linked with keeping the textual matter specific and short. Ideally, a single page should contain at least 250 words of text and short paragraphs of maximum 5-6 lines. So keep it short and precise and you have a winning website on hand.

Provide room to breathe: Having enough breathing space around paragraphs and images allow your guests to absorb all the essential features and relax as they go through your website. Effective web design techniques encourage the presence of white space on the landing pagers and other linked addresses. Increasing breathing space enhances visitor experience and helps a business garner greater profits and returns. Visual competition on mobiles and the internet have set the grounds for the new designing mantra--where less is more. So stick to the essentials and remember to cut out on the flab.

With these tips and tricks in place, you can look forward to great business opportunities and dividends--and in more ways than one.

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Charles Peterson is a freelance copywriter and blogger living in Sydney. He loves to write informational articles on different topics such as benefit of virtual copy writers, copy writing and its other aspects. In this article he has given detail information about website design Cairns. To get more information on the advantages of having a graphic design cairns, please visit

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