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The Next Powerhouse Currency

by anonymous

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The Iraqi dinar or the IQD is actually an actively trading currency at present.  Following the American led invasion in 2003, Iraq has been attempting to rebound from the country's controversial terrorist image and the ground of numerous civil wars.  Believe it or not, the Iraqi Dinar is becoming a sought after currency.  More so now that the IQD is on the verge of being restructured.  

An article from an Iraqi newspaper called the Twilight News published in April 2013 mentions the plan of 'deleting three zeroes from the currency'. While it is a plan that has not come into fruition yet, it cannot be ignored that it already is being talked about, the possibility is there.  Even then, Iraq is one of the world's leading oil producers.  China, a country bent on making its own super power mark on the globe, has actually established itself in a position where it is benefiting from the Iraqi oil boom.  Such is their presence in Iraq with their hands on Iraqi produced oil that The New York Times has deemed it newsworthy, publishing an article about it in June 2, 2013.   It is also largely thought that a sea of oil lies beneath northern Iraq soil, also referred to as Iraq Kurdistan.  An oils and metals expert who is also an adviser to the Iraqi Kurdish government quoted that the actual estimate for the region's oil reserves stands at about 60 billion barrels.  It is no wonder that many international companies have converged in the country to take advantage of this money making opportunity.  Even individuals, skilled workers in the field of oil mining are lining up in the region in search for jobs. 

Caution must still be observed when investing in money and in anything else for that matter as the internet is fraught with news of scams in purchasing Iraqi dinar along with illegal selling of the dinar currency.  Dinar Currency, an American owned and operated business that has been trading Iraqi dinar for over 4 years now has thrived in the business of selling currency.  They provide a Certificate of Authenticity for every dinar purchased.  The company is also registered with the US Department of Treasury as a Money Service business and to buy Iraqi currency through them is a guaranteed secure transaction.  There's still plenty of room to claim your stake in becoming a part of purchasing the Iraqi dinar, at the current conversion rate is 1 USD to 1,161.99 IQD, Dinar Currency's competitive pricing starts by selling 100,000 dinar for $125.  All orders also come with a Buy Back Guarantee, truly proving that they are the most trustworthy and most secure source of Iraqi dinar. 

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