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Two types of breast implants

by gregore

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There is no question that breast implants will enhance your figure. They will improve your profile, how you look in clothes and a bathing suit, and add to your overall appeal. Implants can provide balance and contour to your body. There are other benefits as well, benefits that may not readily occur to you when you are first considering the surgery. There are some associated rewards to looking good that go beyond the physical. They also have a positive impact on your emotional well being.


The procedure can have a significant impact on a patient’s life. Studies have shown how breast enhancement has raised self-esteem in women who have had the procedure. If you ever had a sense of inadequacy about your breast size, implants will help that feeling become a fading memory. The procedure has become increasingly popular and is one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States. It is an ideal method to build on what Mother Nature provided. Appearance matters, it is an integral part of our sense of self-worth. It makes sense to use everything available to us to achieve a look that makes us happy. To read more about breast implants click here.


Houston breast implants surgery offers two types of implants and essentially two different shapes. Saline and silicone make up the material of modern implants. Saline is a sterile solution of water and salt encased in a silicone shell. Silicone is a gel material. Both are popular, but silicone seems to have a more natural feel, resembling natural breasts. At one point silicone could not be used because of fears that if it leaked it could be harmful and cause illness. A few years ago the FDA ruled that silicone implants are safe, and they have been in use for a while now. The two different shapes are round and teardrop. The teardrop shape is often used in reconstruction surgery because it has a more natural appearance.


Obviously, not all women are the same, and each has a different idea of how they want their breasts to look. The majority of women seek a natural look. With the assortment of sizes and shapes available, a skilled surgeon can use the appropriate implant to give you balance and proportion. If you opt for a larger size he or she can still provide symmetry. The goal is to look your best.


If you have any questions about implants or are considering having the procedure, please contact Memorial Plastic Surgery to arrange an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Patrick Hsu. Dr. Hsu is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in all elements of aesthetic and reconstruction surgical procedures. Our facility offers advanced cosmetic and reconstruction techniques. We offer state of the art enhancement solutions to the residents of the greater Houston area. The focus is on individual attention. Dr. Hsu’s intention is to present you with the breast dimensions you seek, at the same time providing the best care he possibly can.



Without question breast implants are going to improve your figure. If you ever had a feeling of inadequacy concerning your breast size, implants can help that feeling become a memory. Breast implant surgery provides two kinds of implants and two distinct shapes. Silicone exhibits a more natural feel, much like natural breasts. The teardrop shape is commonly applied in reconstruction surgery. With the choice of styles and sizes, a talented surgeon will use the suitable implant to help you achieve balance. If you are thinking about having the procedure, contact Memorial Plastic Surgery to arrange an appointment for a consultation.

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