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Reasons to Sell Your Old Car

by anonymous

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Come on. You can spend the whole day looking for irrational reasons why your old, dented car should stay in your backyard. But we all know that there are other, more practical uses for it. One very feasible option is to sell it. Okay. We are looking for reasons here, right? Since you have been scarping for ridiculous reasons why you should keep your car, I will take the imitative to give you four very practical reasons why you should call a junk car company now and sell the wretched thing.

To save space

You live in a one-storey (probably two-storey) house in Virginia. You don’t live in a mansion. That’s why you can’t afford giving up valuable space to keep thing you do not even use anymore. That backyard can be used for something good—maybe a little playground for your children. You cannot fully achieve that ideal environment if let that old wreck sit around like an ugly metal monster. Who knows? Maybe your children get bad dreams because of that. They are just not telling.

To beautify your place

Moving on. You need to beautify your place at least once every five years (at least). Home improvement is a must if you want to keep your self-esteem. That backyard (with your old vehicle in it) can be turned into a garden or a patio or whatever is most fitting to your home. But no. You just can’t do that right now because your car in still in the way. you will continue postponing it because you will keep making your scrap metal of a car your excuse every time the subject comes up. Get over it. You need to do this to in order to have another reason to hold your head up high when you walk past your neighbors’ houses.

To get extra money

Cash. Who does not want that? Furthermore, you will get it in exchange for your silly old car. Thank God for second-hand and junk car companies, right? Just the word “cash” would have me scurrying to the telephone and dial the first junk car company that I see. And please, don’t give me that I-don’t-care-about-money speech. Of course, we all care about money! With the stacks of bills and economy recession, I can’t believe you still can think about something like that. But if you did, let’s just pretend I didn’t know, shall we?

To take advantage of the free towing

Finally, that one awesome freebie we can get from junk car companies—free junk cars towing. Don’t tell me you are not charmed by the idea of a free service? Do you want to haul all that scrap metal by yourself then? If not, you will still have to hire a tow truck for that. Here is a free towing service, and you are going to be paid for giving up your old car. If that is not a great bargain to you, then I wish you more luck (and patience) with life.

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