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Although expensive a dahabiya cruise is a cherish experience

by Orientaltours

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The Nile cruise is one of the most popular attractions of vising Egypt and most tourists who go to Egypt are sure to make a Nile cruise booking. While the lure of big liners or the small sailing boats in the Nile called the feluccas is undeniable, a dahabiya cruise rarely crosses the mind but which can be equally if not more exciting. The primary reason why most tourists opt for the big liners or feluccas is that dahabiyas are more expensive than either of the two and the majority of tourists to Egypt are not flush with unlimited funds. But, if funds are not an issue or if the budget can be stretched a little then a dahabiya cruise is the way to sail down the majestic Nile.


Dahabiyas are very small as they usually have 5- 8 cabins which can house around 10-16 guests.  This means that there is none of the crowd associated with bigger boats or liners and it promotes a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Guests can get to know each other as opposed to large cruises where only impersonal exchanges can be had. The smaller number of guests also makes for a more convivial atmosphere on board. Since these boats are very small, service is extremely personal and tailored to suit individual tastes. The staff can actually take care of the guests properly and ensure that every individual is made to feel special and at home. All the details and small touches required to make any trip memorable are given due consideration.


The dahabiya cruise can last for more than a couple of days and the sightseeing etc. becomes more enjoyable with a smaller group of people.A lot more sights can be taken in on this cruise since the boats are small and no time is wasted in waiting for a large number of persons. Apart from the standard sights, they can stop randomly at other places as well. For instance, big liners or boats will take you to all the major spots in Luxor and Aswan along with KomOmbo and Edfu but the dahabiya cruise will also let you visit other islands which are off-the-beaten-track. Visits to Gabal el Selsela with its ancient quarries of sandstone or the Temple of Horns at El Hegz Island can easily be done on dahabiyas.


Another reason to take up the dahabiya cruise is because of the history attached to it. Dahabiyas were commissioned in the mid-19th century to ferry royalty from Aswan to Luxor and vice-versa and even to go as far as Cairo. From royalty and other aristocratic members to foreign dignitaries and acclaimed friends, only exalted members of society made use of the dahabiyas. Travelling today on the renovated dahabiyas with all the modern comforts and amenities you can imagine yourself transported back to the past days of royalty.


Although a dahabiya cruise is undoubtedly expensive, it is truly one of the most memorable ways to sail down the Nile and an experience to be cherished forever.



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