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Moving On After a Difficult Hurdle

by stellalewis101

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Have you ever sold household items before because you were so broke you can't pay your rent? That kind when you could not even eat if you did not sell a few appliances and furniture. Is it not the worst feeling of all? When you feel so helpless and pathetic and poorer than an rat. At least rats don't have to sell any of their possessions--if they ever have a stash somewhere. But here you are, selling your hard-earned possessions away because you are currently undergoing a terrible financial crisis in your life. We do not know exactly what that is.

Maybe you were fired from your job and have been job hunting for the past five months now. You might have ended up using up all of your savings just to cover your previous food and rent expenses. Maybe you are a shopaholic, and you have reached your credit card limit. You might have been carried away this time and your debt just skyrocketed. Maybe you have to spend all your money for a medical condition. It might be yours. It might be your parents. The thing is it needs a large amount of money.

These are just a few of the scenarios you might have faced that caused your bankruptcy. You were so down in the dumps. The only thing that saved you were your furniture and appliances that time. Maybe you even took advantage of an ad in the papers that offers something like, "We buy junk cars for cash." You would have sold your rundown car without hesitation--even if you still had plans to fix the thing. Even if you did not have a junk car of your own, you would have knocked on every door of your friends looking for a junk car to sell.

All of us experience hard times every now and then. Some of us encounter problems more often than the others. But does that stop us from thriving and fighting for survival? I believe not. I am still here, right? And you are still there reading this in your home. Even if your home is not as comfortable as it was back then, at least you still have something you call home, right? Even if we had setbacks before, at least we can smile at the thought that we stood up and never gave up trying to be better individuals.

Even if we had to sell all our stuff before, including our bet up old cars and old furniture, at least we retained our pride and principles. We did not kowtow to our problems. We rose up and crushed them with our willingness to move on, to go through with our lives. If you ever felt lower than rodents before, I hope you stopped feeling that way now. I know that there are more hurdles coming our way, especially if you are still young. However, just always put this in mind. You overcame your difficulties before. You already have the wisdom to overcome more in the future.

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