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How to get rid of saggy skin after weight loss?

by gregore

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If you have had a pregnancy or recently lost a lot of weight, and you have loose and sagging skin around your mid section, you have probably considered tummy tuck surgery. Perhaps like a lot of Houstonians the idea of surgery and/or anesthesia is something that you would prefer to avoid. It’s only natural and makes sense. However, it is also as you well know, unpleasant to live with a mid section that makes it difficult to find suitable clothes, swimwear, and which may cause you humiliation. It is much more enjoyable to go to the beach, or lay out by the pool with a body that you don’t mind the world seeing.


Advances in cosmetic surgery and state of the art techniques, have improved the quality of the surgery, as well as the safety. Certainly, any surgery has the potential for complications and risks, but the tummy tuck procedure is an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery and is performed hundreds of thousands of times a year. The results from these surgeries are delighted patients who are happy with their new appearance. It is a personal choice, and if you are uncomfortable with the idea, then you shouldn’t do it, but if you do have the surgery, it is very likely that you will be glad that you did.


Obviously, before you have a tummy tuck in Houston, the first step is to find a qualified plastic surgeon. There are some things that you want to look for in a good surgeon. First and foremost, they need to be board certified. Secondly, they need to specialize in the tummy tuck procedure. Thirdly, they need to have experience performing the procedure. These minimum requirements will ensure that the surgery is performed safely and that you attain the desired results.


The tummy tuck procedure does require a general anesthetic and is considered major surgery.  There will be scarring, but the cosmetic surgeon will make the incisions below the bikini line, and will endeavor to help make them as unnoticeable as possible. The skin from the abdomen is pulled, and at the same time, weakened stomach muscles are knitted together to make them tighter. The result is a taught, flat tummy. To learn more about the procedure, click here.  


If you have gone so far as to talk to a board certified tummy tuck surgeon, then you probably are more than serious about having the procedure. Your surgeon will cover the risks as well as the benefits, and this should help you decide if the surgery is worth it. If you look at before and after pictures you will clearly see the positive results. This may indeed induce you to move forward with the tummy tuck. Whatever you decide, it is your body and only you know how comfortable you are in it. Do some research, talk it over with your significant other or friends, because a little knowledge will help you decide whether to tuck that tummy or not.

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