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The Basics of Building a Strong Relationship

by anonymous

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At this moment, there are billions of people in the world who has the capability to speak and be a part of different activities. Everyone has the power to communicate with other people, but not everyone has the poise to be eagerly sociable especially during a meet up with a perfect stranger.


Filipinos, specifically, are naturally bashful. They are likely to look down and keep silent because they are new in an environment, and they are hesitant to approach other people because of too much nervousness and lack of confidence. They encompass a withdrawn character particularly during their first encounter with an individual or a group of unfamiliar faces. They tend to be quiet and reluctant to speak up at first that they need to have an “adjustment period” to loosen up and be completely positive to opening up.


  1. Introduce Yourself in the Most Positive Way - Do not be hesitant to greet people.  A cheerful greeting can always enlighten the other party’s mood and make them keen to becoming friends with you. Conversely, remember to keep it cool and not get carried away too much. Too much excitement in meeting people sometimes leads to annoyance and lack of interest.

  2. Ask Questions and Get Good Answers – Normally, Filipinos often ask personal questions like, “Where do you live?”, or “What school/company are you from?”. Some start of by asking about the other party’s interests, hobbies, and love life. These simple questions often lead to a chain of ideas and topics that the whole group can incessantly talk about.

  3. Listen and Pay Attention – Every individual deserves to have the center of attention once they start to talk, simply because they are polite enough to listen to your thoughts and pay attention when it’s your turn to speak.

  4. Be Yourself – Do not attempt to imitate other people when making friends. Be honest and be comfortable. You’ll know who are worth keeping once you’ve opened up the positive and negative things in you.


For a tighter and stronger relationship with your new barkada, workmates and classmates, it is essential to engage yourselves in teambuilding activities or retreats to get to know each other more. Finding the ideal place for a tranquil 2-3day stay wouldn’t be a problem, as there are numerous retreat houses in Tagaytay, Laguna, Baguio, and even in Pampanga that can accommodate a large group of people.


For a more formal gathering, there are seminar venues, mostly in Tagaytay, where you can discuss professional matters with your co-employees and faculty. The Philippines is a huge country overflowing with accommodating places that can provide good assistance to their future clients and to your team.


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