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What to Consider before Getting Breast Augmentation?

by gregore

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The Houston economy has held up under the strain and threat of a growing recession. Fortunately, Houston residents can count on our economy staying strong despite what is occurring nationally. It is interesting that in what is thought of as hard times, women all over the country are routinely considering, and having breast augmentation surgery. If they are unhappy with what Mother Nature has provided, they are turning to the plastic surgery community more and more as an option for enhancement. Women want to look, and be more appealing, and breast enhancement can provide them with the means to that end.

The procedure

The surgical procedure is normally carried out as an outpatient surgery, under general anesthesia. It typically takes one to two hours. The incision is commonly placed under the breast crease, or alternatively around the nipples, in accordance with the patient's choice. The appearance of the breast, the kind of implant being used, and how large the enhancement will be also play a part in where the incision is made. The plastic surgeon will insert the implant into a pocket either above or below the chest muscle.

Types of implants

Saline Implants - Saline implants are made of silicone shells that contain a sterile saline solution (salt water). They are available in two shapes, round or tear dropped. They come in numerous sizes, and what is known as low and high profiles. Saline implants are almost always placed into the breast empty, after which they are filled with the solution to the dimensions the patient wishes.

Silicone Implants - Silicone breast implants contain a silicone gel. Silicone implants have changed significantly over time. This new and improved gel diminishes the risk that the silicone may possibly seep from the shell if it ever it breaks. They are considered the most natural feeling implants. They are smooth and soft to the touch.

Breast augmentation recovery

Recovery time after Houston breast augmentation surgery is largely dependent on the type of surgery you had, and what kind of physical activity you normally engage in. Soreness and fatigue are common in the fist week but diminish quickly. Swelling may take between 3 to 6 weeks to go away completely. Your surgeon will provide a timeline for resuming work and other activities.

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