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Pros and Cons of 3DTV

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3D is rising in the consciousness of the tech savvy world population. 3D TV has taken the home theatre concept of entertainment to a new height. Some of the ironic speculations even term the technology greatest in line with sliced bread, indeed a consumer folly for electronics.

PROS of the 3D

  • Watching 3D sports, Videos, TV shows, movies and PC games have attracted several customers. 3D content tends to provide an immersive experience in viewing your favourite action. However 3D viewing is best experienced on larger screens of 50 inches and more.
  • 3D televisions also work well as 2D one with equal efficiency and quality. The processing involved in makinga 3D effect also plays a great role by spilling over the 2D ambience making for the excellent viewing opportunity.
  • Certain 3D televisions also perform the conversion to 3D from 2D. However, this might not be similar to watching 3D produced content. This also adds to the depth as well as the perspective of the image, especially when used in showcasing sporting events.

Cons of 3D Images

  • 3D is not a popular preference of the masses. Also the amount of content filmed in 3D is limited.
  • The 3D glasses are also a great hindrance to several users who find them cumbersome. The comfort of these glasses is another contributor of 3D headaches caused by narrowed field of one’s vision. Another negating factor of these glasses is the price which ranges over $100, making it an expensive gadget for families with many members and friends. However several manufacturers have now switched to the 3D televisions that make use of the passive polarised glasses which are less expensive.
  • 3D televisions tend to be more expensive to own. Similar to the electronic frenzy of blue-ray discs, VHS VCR or plasma televisions, electronics which were initially priced at unaffordable rates and later crashed to a few hundreds, the 3D television is also expected to follow the same trend. A normal research on the internet will prove to you that the prices of these televisions have come down in the past few years.
  • If the price of 3D television seems to be the roadblock for you, then don’t forget the blue-ray player which is an essential equipmentto watch 3D content in the high definition. This will indeed increase your spending limit by some hundreds. The price of such players is seen to a rangethat many can afford and the same time many cannot.
  • The 3D content available in the market is not enough. One must also realise that not every producer would invest in a technology, which is still rare and increasing in popularity. There has been limited production of Blu-ray movies, videos or shows in the past few years.

Panasonic is a forerunner in the arena to 3D television. It has the best LED TV and best LCD TV models, which have been favourable received by the customer base. In order to enjoy the 3D experience- choose Panasonic.

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