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Nowadays the use of plastic or glass bottles has widely spread among the world. They are used in plenty when compared to past or previous years. The usage of the more amount of Bottles has led to the increase in the number of  suppliers  among various parts of the world.  PET Preform Molding is one of the most important type of molding technique performed for the production of bottles. Where this method involves the use of a container which is made of polyester material it is mainly used due to the  major advantage involved in it, that is the surface of the material which is molded is clean glossy and transparent. It is a combination of both glass and the fiber material. This Method is mostly preferred rather than other types of techniques due to the following reasons given below

  1. As mentioned earlier the output is clean clear and attractive.
  2. They are very pure and does not cause any health problems.
  3. They are unbreakable because they are very tough in nature.
  4. They are lighter in weight.
  5. Longer life span when compared to other methods.
  6. They can be easily recycled.
  7. Less costly.
  8. It also has good physical properties.

Hence thus the above mentioned reasons are responsible for selecting this type of Molding. This method is done in various companies for various products such as mineral water, cool drinks, oils etc. At present there are number of PET Preform Molding companies in the world. The PET Preform Molding Suppliers supply this type of bottles in plenty  due to the increased consumption of these bottles. This is because they attract the customers attention than the other types of bottles due to their smooth and glossy appearance. However this method is one of newer technology in PET Preform Molding Supply. It has grown significantly than other methods in recent years. Let us discuss the various steps involved in this method in detail below.

The first and the foremost step involved in this method is the selection of the size and shape of the cap where  they are placed on the value-gate system which consist of  a patent designed rectifying system it is placed in order to adjust the wall thickness. Then heat is applied from the heating system in order to provide thermal expansion then after a few minutes they are passed through the cooling system where are cooled perfectly then they are passed to the hot runner system where they are used in providing an ideal heat. The steel material and the machining tools are used in order to provide a proper design shape and the glossy appearance. Finally they are subjected to a heat treatment in order to increase its strength and toughness of the material.

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