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Effectively caring for curly hair

by anonymous

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It could be the bane of your existence, or it could be one of your unique defining features. We are talking about curly hair. Some of us are born with hair that is stubbornly curly and no amount of cajoling gets it to straighten for more than a few hours. If you are one of these people you’ve probably tried numerous ways to straighten out your hair without much success. Isn't it a better idea to wear your hair as it is rather than fruitlessly wrestle with it? Well maintained curly hair is certainly very attractive.


Curly hair is without question more problematic than straighter hair. For one, it tends to be dryer and more prone to frizz. Its also entangles easily and becomes rather difficult to style. Hot styling, hair dryers and strong chemicals are not good friends of curly hair. You have to take good care of your curly hair to make it easier to manage and more attractive.


To start with, you have to identify the best hair care products. As we have already said, curly hair doesn't like strong chemicals especially those that tend to rob if of moisture. Curly hair is already prone to dryness so imagine how much worse you’ll make it when you use harsh chemicals on it. With this in mind, be careful when selecting hair products. For instance, you should avoid products that have alcohol in them as they tend to leave the hair dryer. Gravitate towards products that are enriched with additional moisturizers which will replenish your hair’s moisture. The other important thing to note is that curly hair is likely to be weighed down by use of large quantities of hair products. You thus want to use only essential styling products and in small amounts so that you don't weigh down your hair.


Still on the question of products, select hair products that are made specifically for your type of hair. All leading brands have some products for curly hair that you can use to maintain attractive, trouble-free curls. A favorite of many salons is the Moroccan oil intense curl cream. The Moroccan oil intense curl cream is a formulation for curly hair. Moroccan oil intense curl cream is fortified with Argan oil and vitamins which both help to nourish the hair, prevent formation of frizz, as well as define the curls. Remember that curly hair tends to be dry; Moroccan oil intense curl cream will work for you as it is formulated to moisturize the hair without leaving any sticky residue or making the strands clamp together.


Heat treatment is not recommended for curly hair. Heat is harmful even to the other types of hair so you can only imagine how much worse it is for curly hair which is dryer. Avoid hot dryers and hot styling as much as you can. Something else worth avoiding is frequent washing. Each time you wash your hair your remove its natural moisturizing oils and subject it to chemicals in the shampoo you are washing it with. It’s therefore recommended that you limit the number of washes.


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