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What is Grosgrain Ribbon?

by bradmitchell

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Grosgrain is a silk textile; it has a very tight weave and narrow ribbing. These features make personalized grosgrain ribbon a rigid texture, absolutely ideal for trim and ribbons. In many instances, the crafts person wants trim and ribbons to be somewhat stiff and sturdy; these are the main features of Grosgrain fabric. As it is silk it can be dyed in any color and often, if the craft shop does not have the exact color match, the crafts person will dye it at home.

Personalized grosgrain ribbon has a similar feel to it as corded fabric; it has stiff ribs running from one side of the ribbon to the other. Each side of the ribbon is finished with a further rib which keeps it crisp and in shape. When Grosgrain is cut the ends can either be closed with the application of a dab of lacquer or the ends can simply be sewn under, either way prevents the ribbon from unraveling. Although Grosgrain is most frequently used for ribbon, it is also a fabric which is used for clothing. Any gown or jacket that is made from Grosgrain will tend to be quite stiff and formal, the shape of the garment is held in place by the natural stiffness of the fabric.

Grosgrain is used as trim for garments; it provides a sharp edge and is a lovely contrast the fabric used for the garment. It is also used extensively for ties and sashes on dresses as well as trims on hats. When used in millinery it is often fashioned into a crisp bow. Grosgrain ribbon is the ribbon of choice for military medals as well as civilian awards that one may expect to see at sporting events. Grosgrain ribbon can be had in many different widths.

Grosgrain is a fabric made from silk, less expensive versions can be made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon. Grosgrain fabric has a glossy look to it, it can be solid colors or in stripes. When the fabric is striped, the stripes usually run cross grain of the rib but it is possible to get the fabric with the stripes running with the grain.

Personalized Grosgrain ribbon should be used with care; the edges should be hemmed to prevent the material from fraying. This is an important consideration when the ribbon is used to display a broach or a medal.


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