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Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting Techniques

by brownlowsgarden

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Do you have an idea on how to properly cut the grasses on your lawn? Do you know that there is a great risk of damaging the grass if you do not know that proper way of mowing them? If you want to do lawn mowing but you don’t have any knowledge or idea about proper way, this article can give you some techniques that can help you to conduct proper mowing on your lawn. These lawn mowing tips below can help you so to cut your turf in the healthiest and most vigilant way possible.

When trimming the grass, always make sure that you trim at least one-third of the grass length. Most people make an error when it comes to cutting the grass. They often cut the grass too low and this can lead to unsuccessful results. If you keep the grass on your lawn too short, you'll only be letting more weed and sunshine to dry out the soil, and you absolutely don't want that! So in order to maintain your lawn's good condition, you must follow the rule of thumb which is to take off only one-third of the grass blades every time you mow.

It is also important to make a change in your mowing habits. Trying to get some alternate directions every once in a while can be a good way. This method will avoid a severe damage on your grass since you will not cause deep marks. So if you're following a straight pattern this week, switch to a perpendicular path next time and vice versa and make this as your mowing pattern.

Another technique is, do not cut grass if they are still wet. Cutting a wet lawn is a major mistake to avoid. Not only will that create your lawn mowing task too long to finish, but it can also tear the grass, break the mower blades, and promote pests and diseases. A wet turf is very tricky to trim as well, and it often results to an untidy and bumpy trimming-this is why it's enormously essential to check your lawn's dryness first before attempting to run all the way through it.

And the last thing that we should always take into consideration is, it is very important for you to choose a proper lawn mower. Using the right and appropriate cutting equipment will help you to get a better result. Make sure to use a lawn mower that's suitable for your particular lawn size, grass type, and mowing requirements so you can maintain your turf's overall look at all times. If you already have a mower at home, you should take it to a lawn care expert for an assessment. You will then be learned if there are repairs to be done or if you need to change to a more proficient mower. Those who are buying a mower for the first time must also ask a professional's view so you can vigilantly decide on the best cutting equipment that will keep your lawn in top shape.

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