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Pre-Employment Screening by Drug Testing in St. Louis MO

by tashaboone

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The concept of a drug-free workplace started in 1989, when former President George Bush pushed the private sector to have employees take mandatory drug tests. Today, the practice continues, screening out those who might be using addictive substances that could have adverse effects on their health and work performance. In Missouri, an estimated 10 percent of the state's population have drug and alcohol dependency problems. In order to employ the right people, employers could contact clinics that offer drug testing in St. Louis MO.

Recreational Drugs The use of drugs is labeled as recreational when they are not prescribed but are used for enjoyment. The three most used recreational drugs in the US are cannabis, heroin, and cocaine. Others are ecstasy, LSD, and even psychedelic mushrooms. In some schools, juveniles use these prohibited drugs for recreation thus random drug testing is done in partnership with the local government system.

Adverse Health Effects Although this depends on the drug taken, a common effect of all drugs is dependency on its chemical effects. This reduces the natural production of these chemicals in the body, like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Cannabis which is smoked, affects the lungs, while heroin which is injected affects the skin and blood stream.

Drug Testing The most common drug testing is a urine test but blood tests and hair follicle analysis are also done. All these procedures isolate substances that are found in the drugs. Each drug produces a particular metabolite that is analyzed and isolated, giving way to the identification of the drug used.

Although regulations differ from state to state, a user caught in a drug testing in St. Louis MO could be imprisoned, fined, or subjected to rehab other than being denied a job. The penalties may differ depending on the situation, but aggravating factors include past criminal activity and drug abuse cases, and severe drug dependency.

The results of drug tests may also differ as some metabolites can quickly vanish while others linger for a long time. Whatever their effect, never do drugs because they can only ruin your life. To know more about drug tests, feel free to visit these links: and

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