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Seven colors of web hosting

by anonymous

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Web hosting companies offer the accessibility to your website on the internet. There are various web hosting providers available in the market and it depends on the client what option to be selected? Every web hosting has distinct advantages and shortcomings. User requirement drives the decision of selecting one from the available lot.

There are seven types of web hosting provided by the service providers:

Types of web hosting

  1. 1.       Free web hosting: Although they say, “no lunch is free”, but free web hosting is surely there in the virtual world. However, it is very obvious that there are minimal features available in the free version. Sometimes, there are promotional offers of fully functional web hosting services free of cost for a limited period of time. Users need to get the account upgraded before it expires.
  2. 2.       Paid web hosting: As the name suggests this is the paid mode of web hosting services. There will be periodic payments and the charges are affordable. The internet site would get dedicated domain name. However, there are restrictions on advertisements and the other features in this mode.
  3. 3.       Shared web hosting: It is better to share something if you have in excess quantity. This is true in web hosting also where several web sites share the services of one server. However, the server is capable enough to take care of everybody’s needs. Needless to say, the cost of shared hosting is always lesser. It is the best option for websites with minimal traffic. The configuration of shared server determines the service level. However, clients protect their interests by signing service level agreement with the provider.
  4. 4.       Dedicated web hosting: This is exactly opposite to the shared one. Here, every client gets a dedicated set of resources and he is accountable and responsible for the operations, security and management of it.
  5. 5.       Reseller web hosting: : When web hosting service providers sell web hosting services with special features that enable the clients to further resell it, then it is called reseller web hosting. The servers are very powerful and can handle the load of all web site put together. This is a costly web hosting, but the cost can be compensated by the earning from the clients.
  6. 6.       Managed web hosting: It is a type of dedicated web hosting with a difference that the service provider manages the server instead of the client. The client does not have complete control of the server in this case.
  7. 7.       VPS web hosting:  VPS or Virtual Private Server is a highly versatile and cost-effective option for every user’s requirement. It is the best one for clients that need dedicated web hosting, but can’t afford the price.

Every method has some positive and some negative points. User should weigh them on the requirement specs before signing the contract. People switch from one type to the other based on changed needs of the business. Sometimes, other factors like instability of the business, economic slowdown, client pressure, etc. are reasons for the change.

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