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Why Do You Grind Your Teeth?

by henrytyler

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You should think again if you feel teeth grinding is just a habit that you have to pay no attention to. As you pay your dentist in Chandler AZ a visit, you will discover that it is already a medical problem called bruxism.

Bruxism varies from mild to severe. If it is minimal, medication is not necessary. But when you grind your teeth frequently, it can affect the joints in the lower jaw and may cause you another dental concern called temporomandibular joints or TMJs. You may suffer from pain and tension within the joint area. You may also experience headaches and earaches. But these are not just it. Bruxism can harm your enamel, and trigger you to have chipped, loosened and delicate teeth. You'll need dental implants, bridges, partial dentures, crowns and other dental remedies. Are you aware that it can also alter the look of your face?

Teeth clenching happens whenever you are frustrated and anxious. It may also be associated with your personality. If you're the hyperactive, competitive or aggressive type of person, you could possibly do this. Others say that cigarette smoking and drinking beverages full of caffeine (like coffee) before going to bed may also result in this. Teeth grinding is also a case of misaligned lower and upper teeth.

Your dentist in Chandler AZ may recommend the usage of mouth guard to shield your teeth from grinding. If stress is the reason, he may offer advices to reduce it or he may refer you to another doctor, who will place you under stress counseling or prescribe you with muscle relaxants. Other methods to avoid teeth grinding are:

1. Refrain from doing it. Soon as you discover that you are grinding your teeth, stop it and place the tip of your tongue or your lips between your teeth. But then again, if you happen to grind your teeth during sleep and only your family is able to see it, tend not to do these and instead check with your dentist.

2. Try to relax before going to bed. Get a flannel and soak it in hot water. Place it against the cheek in front of the earlobe. Massage the area in circulation motion using your fingers and palms. Using hot water this time around, soak a clean washcloth and bring it to your face. This will not only relax your muscles but will also make you more calm.

3. Do not make it a habit to chew items like pencil, pens and others. If you feel the requirement to do so, always have something to chew like gum. As the days go by, slowly prevent yourself from chewing.

Bruxism should be addressed; hence, you need to go to your dentist in Chandler AZ. In addition to the treatment, you may consider doing things that will help you refrain from teeth grinding like jaw muscle relaxation. If you are stressed, your dentist will recommend you to a psychiatrist or therapist, who can assist you to remove stress and therefore stop teeth clenching.


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