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Three Things a Reno Videographer Can Help You With

by jimchabris

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In the “biggest little city in the world” of Reno, it takes something really special to stand out and be noticed. Small businesses and big companies alike are up for some great competition in trying to get their messages across to the general public. One of the best ways to do this is through a creative and well-made audio visual presentation. Unfortunately, not everyone has the vision and skill to accomplish this, so sometimes the help of a professional is called in.

The world of cool videos is nothing new to the modern audience, especially with sites such as YouTube and Vimeo perpetuating the trend. However, there's a marked difference between an amateur video and a video with great conceptualization and production behind it. The following are a few things that a professional Reno videographer can help create.

Cool Commercials

People have developed a very malleable attention span your message needs to cross, sometimes in as little as 30 seconds. In the not-so-negligible span of 30 seconds, over a million search queries, 12,000 new Twitter posts, 3 million Facebook views, and an accumulated 6.1 hours of video views in YouTube can be made, so just imagine having to compete with that. With this, your commercials should be cool, creative, and most importantly, memorable.

Fun Shows

From 30 seconds, you can jump to a 30-minute show that would, hopefully, gather a loyal viewer base. Unfortunately, this isn't quite as easy as you would think; canceled and discontinued shows worldwide are proof of this. It takes a special kind of vision and skill to make 30 minutes worth of golden programming, which often this means partnering with a good Reno videographer.

Public Service Announcements

There are also instances where the message you want to convey isn't simply to market your business but to actually give relevant and helpful advice to the general public. These public service announcements—usually about health, crime, and education—are a big boon to its viewers and contribute toward knowledge and better awareness.

If you have something inside your imagination you want to bring to life, don't hesitate to call an experienced company to help you. For more tips on commercials, go to

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