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Increase Security For Your Intellectual Property

by AchillesMarshal

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Do you want your intellectual property to be more secure? Are you sending out hundreds of pdf files that you worry about getting into the wrong hands? Once you send out that email with your pdf attached, it's too late. Whoever gets their hands on that file can access all of the information and disseminate it as they see fit. Are there any options for better security for your valuable pdfs?<br><br>

Fortunately, there are answers for all of your intellectual property security questions. There is software that you can use to control and increase your pdf security. With the right software, you have many different options for generating a secure pdf for your internal and external correspondence.<br><br>

At its basic level pdf security software does the following. It can restrict viewing and printing to only authorized users. It can also disallow modifying and copying of pdfs. Saving and sharing can be controlled as well. This type of software can also stop a user from generating a screenshot from either the print screen function or third party screen grab software.<br><br>

You can set an expiration date on the documents as well, controlling when they can no longer be viewed. You can also determine when user accounts are set to expire. This software will also let the originator of the file determine the number of views, the number of prints, and if the document contains a watermark when being printed and/or viewed. Pdf security software can also lock a file to a specific file or usb drive.<br><br>

Why should you use software that creates a <a href="">secure pdf</a> solution? If you have sensitive internal documents, you can protect them from unauthorized use both inside and outside the company. If you are a small publisher, you can protect your eBooks, articles, or reports. Larger publishers can use it to provide subscription based services for their intellectual property.<br><br>

There are typically two tiers of this type of security software. The basic functionality was covered above. The second tier of software generally gives the administrators much more control over the dissemination and analytics of pdfs. The software allows document auditing and system wide batch changes for easier administration. The analytics functions are much more robust, giving detailed information on page views and prints.<br><br>

If you are looking for a secure pdf solution, check out software that gives you ultimate control over your pdfs. You'll never have to worry about your sensitive corporate documents falling into the wrong hands or being abused. Keep track of how many people have viewed your files and make sure that they are the right people. You can even control how many files can be printed. This is a previously unheard of level of control for your documents. Take advantage of it today and secure your intellectual property like never before.<br><br>

For more information about <a href="">pdf security</a> visit <a href=""></a>

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