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How to Plan an Environment Friendly Baby Shower

by JustinBrice

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Your best friend is having a baby and she has assigned you the blessed task of planning her shower. Every party is accustomed to a certain amount of waste. If you are slightly conscious, you can make sure that at every step, you are able to plan a baby shower with minimal waste without compromising on how special the day is for your best friend and her guests.
With a number of options for environment friendly and unique baby gifts, party favours, food and even décor, planning your green shower can be a lot of fun!
Here are some great ideas on making your environment friendly baby shower a complete success-
1. Food and Drinks –
No party is successful without tasty food and drinks. Ask your fellow planners or close guests to bring a dish or two to share. Make sure you tell them to bring them dishes that are either organic, local or vegan. Go with a buffet style brunch and mocktail bar to minimize wastage.
For drinks, serve fresh fruit juices, and mixes that come with homemade syrups. Give your drinks a fancy touch by adding a few slices of citrus fruits or berries into your concoctions.
2. The Décor -
Everyone knows that the party decorations you find at big box stores are not exactly environment friendly. These are typically made out of plastic in factories that are to the least worried about the influence they have on the environment. Cutting out paper flowers or real flowers for that matter isn’t really a green option as well. Consider making decorations out of old magazines and calendars.
Also, instead of placing vases of cut flowers, consider placing pots of baby oaks or other flowers across the venue. You can even hand over these pots to your guests as unique baby shower gifts.
3. Invitations –
If you have chosen to go the environment friendly way, it is best to follow through your commitment by either sending out e-invites or sending out invitations on recycled paper. Also make sure your invite includes the theme of the party which gives your guests a chance to plan and find unique gifts in Australia that are eco-friendly.
4. The Tableware -
In spite of planning a buffet, you will require a few plates, cups and napkins. Try to find reusable or biodegradable dishware for the party. You can also find unique items such as edible cups or compostable plates so you needn’t worry about washing dishes at the end of the shower.
Another way to go about it is asking your guests to use their own service container in which they brought their own respective dishes.
In addition to this, make sure you plan some fun activities around the event. A great start would be converting the shower into a tree plantation event. By planting plants and trees in the backyard of the mother to be, there will be a pleasant surprise waiting for the new born by the time it is ready to enter the world!

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