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buy chocolate coins

by milk57f

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All of us love chocolates and almost all of us still have still has a child with in. Because of that, we really appreciate it when someone gives us chocolates especially those chocolate coins. It is quite a fun way to share those candies wrapped in golden foil with coin imprints. Though these candies are very attractive and very tasty, they actually have a very rich history. It was reported that the very first batch of treats like these were made to honor Caesar, the Roman King. These chocolates were then given to the ladies and gentlemen of the Roman Court. The first batch had Caesar's face imprinted on it. During those times, sheets of gold were used to wrap these chocolates. So the recipients did not only receive a chocolate but also a little bit of the precious metal. This continued through many generations. To memorialize special dates and rites of passages, children were often gifted with chocolate coins. These days, a gold wrapper was used to replace the sheets of gold in wrapping the treat.

The chocolate bar was first made during the beginning of the 19th century. It became a commercial venture that grew by leaps and bounds during the 20th century. buy chocolate coins These days, chocolate bars are so popular and the content has not been changed since the WWII.

Chocolate bars today are manufactured and sold in thousands of varieties and can be easily purchased from vending machines. Some chocolates have vitamins or minerals added to them while maintaining its taste. We may think that different chocolate manufacturers use different recipes in making their chocolates. But the fact is, the only differ in cocoa plant variety that their products are made from.

The main ingredients are cocoa paste, sugar and cocoa butter. Some add optional ingredients like lecithin and vanilla. Some companies have their own packaging. Some use foil while others use paper, but the best material to wrap these chocolates is waxed paper.

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