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Why technology and game are vital to the growth of a child?

by wolvol

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Technology has become a necessity in our life. So, if you are depriving your child of gadgets and video games, then you are doing him a grave injustice. It is very essential that a person gets exposed to technology at a very young age. The brain is a finicky thing. It would get used to things which are introduced to it in the childhood days. If you are suddenly giving a person access to a computer after the age of ten or twelve, then his brain would find it hard to come to terms with those tabs, apps, programs and software. Hence, experts are strongly advocating the introduction of computers and educational games right at an infant age. These days, childrens ipad is becoming very popular.

Such an ipad is designed exclusively for the toddlers and the pre-teens. They are entirely safe and come with certain restrictive features which do not permit the gullible child to accidentally land upon malicious sites. If you apprehend the possibility of your child coming across pornography, then the childrens ipad is a device tailor-made for you.

One of the key reasons why such gadgets are suggested to young parents is that they usually have pre-installed learning games for kids.  These games are meant to make your child learn. They offer a gamut of games which target different subjects. Some of them touch on subjects like mathematics. They have addition-subtraction problems and other numerical games which quicken the calculative power of the user. Then there are some games which are meant to improve the vocabulary of the user. Those games are basically meant for high school students. But if your child is smart, then he too can have a go at them.

There are some games which have strong visual themes. They often flash a multiple number of objects for a few seconds before the user, and are later presented for recognition. Such games are extremely beneficial to kids of the age bracket of 4-10. These are strong learning games for kids who will help them increase their speed of thinking and to accentuate their memory capacity. Most games also strengthen the hand-eye coordination of the user.

Gadgets are also being seen upon as tools which can bring the best out of a child’s personality. Some children are not very sociable. Many are shy, introvert or docile. If your child is reticent and does not open up easily, then you can try introducing a childrens ipad to him. You would be surprised by the sudden improvement in his persona in just a few days. Gadgets allow children to get to know the world better without having to directly face it. So, if your kid feels shy to communicate with his friends or if he is diffident, then social networking would come as a relief and a pleasant alternative.

Of course, social networking sites like Facebook are not meant for pre-teen kids. But even though educational and learning games, your child can interact with children of his age.

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