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CAT prep: Systematic approach key to solving jumbled paragra

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One of the important constituent of the Verbal section in CAT is jumbled paragraph. The jumbled paragraph questions carry a group of misplaced sentences that needs to be placed in a sequential and coherent manner. Jumbled paragraph questions in CAT, gives you an opportunity of scoring around 12 to 15 percent marks depending upon the number of para-jumble questions (3 or 4 out of 20 on Verbal Ability).

CAT in accordance to its reputation and stature tries to outwit the aspirants with various types of such questions and rising levels of difficulty. You can develop expertise in solving such questions by practicing a lot.

With increasing difficulty level of Jumbled paragraph questions in successive CAT, what is the Mantra to solve such questions? What should be your strategy to approach such problems?

Such questions need to be dealt very carefully in a stepwise manner to avoid any slippage as it is the test of the student’s versatile reading, understanding of language, writing ability based on deep stock of vocabulary, grammar and correct use of tenses. You should try to have fun while solving jumbled paragraphs instead of finding them a burden.

Analyzing the jumbled paragraph – Para-jumbles can be formed on any topic under the Sun.  CAT has so far been more attracted strategically towards the following ones –

Idea based



General to specific or vice/versa

Analysis of cause and effect

Solve it in four steps–
Step-1 – Mark the idea and tone of the sentences. This will enable you to identify the Opening and/or closing sentence making the task easier. You may opt for elimination method. This is possible only when you have a good reading speed with accuracy.

Step-2 – Search for connectors to sentences e.g. conjunctions, personal (He/she/it/they/their etc), relative (Who, whose, that, which etc.), Demonstrative (These, those, this, that etc.) pronouns as they indicate that they must have been used in place of some nouns – proper / common etc. So find the link between the sentences.

Step-3- A few paragraphs have time factors in it, indicating that the events mentioned for the earlier time should come first and could help you to put them in chronological order.

Step-4 – You may find certain words which may be leading towards next para or concluding part – like, Summing up, in a nutshell, Nevertheless, therefore, However, hence, So, Simultaneously, Apart from etc. They denote change of thought process and transform para to next stage. Such words may be noted when used in a jumbled paragraph.

Jumbled Paragraphs in CAT – Random – There are presumably four types of questions on jumbled paragraphs. To begin with let us discuss the one which is of more prominent type i.e. Random. It is a group of the sentences in which none of the sentences appear to be arranged in a proper sequence. The candidate is expected to arrange all the sentences in logical & sequential order. Have a feel of Random type of question with the answer explained in detail –

Direction- The sentences as given below, when arranged properly, form a meaningful paragraph. Choose the most appropriate order of sentences out of the given options.

Reform at home has dictated that foreign policy be recast. Tippex has been applied to the script from which the late Mr. Gromyko read so glumly and for so long.

The soviet leader’s siren song about a common European home has beguiled large numbers of West Germans, and for many in the Federal Republic reunification is ceasing to be a repressed dream.

‘No’ has given way to ‘maybe’ and even occasionally to ‘why not?’ it is in West Germany that Mr. Gorbachov’s charm offensive has made the deepest inroads

He has also discovered, however, that when Molotov put his hasty signature to the agreement with Ribbentrop, he and Stalin started the clock of a sizeable time bomb. Its tick is heard louder by the day, especially in the Baltic Republics and what is now Soviet Moldavia.

The relationship between Germany and the Soviet Union is once again of major importance in Europe


Ans.1. DACBEExplanation- Opening sentence D is towards the end of jumbled paragraph- introducing the cause –putting of signature; effect to begin-A; changes to be brought C; moving towards the finals B and conclusion-E.

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