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What is a Web Key and how does it work?

by connectweb1

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Most of us are familiar with how USB flash drives work since we use it almost every day. One of the reasons for using these devices are that they enable you to store large data and carry around with you anywhere you go. Another advantage with these devices is that they are very attractively designed, user friendly, portable and compact enough to slip into your pocket. This is why it one of the most popular storage devices in the market. However, the market has witnessed a new alternative to these flash drives. Known as a web key, this device is slowly but steadily creating a niche for itself in the market place. Let us understand what it and how it works.

Know what a webkey USB is

Well, a webkey USB is very much like a USB based flash drive. Just like the flash drive, this device also has a USB connector at the end. It is also available in attractive designs, shapes and sizes. However, there is one aspect that differentiates the two. A USB flash drive comes with internal memory that allows you to read and write data into it, where as a web key has no internal memory to store large volumes of data.

How the Device works?

Well, despite not having accessible memory, a web key USB has sufficient memory to store just one website address. All that you need to do is connect this device to your PC and it will do the rest. It will activate the default browser on your system and load the webpage stored in the device. Now, this webpage could be related to a company, a link to a Twitter or Facebook page, a link to a product page, etc.  

Benefitting Business

A web key USB offers a very good option for businesses online. It is a great device to attract potential clients to your website in order to enable them to register and know about the various products and services being promoted by your company. You can distribute these devices by embedding a link to your company’s landing page where the customer can get more information about your company services and products. It can also contain links to the product pages, media files, etc.

Lastly, many companies prefer using a Webkey for promotional purposes as it is relatively inexpensive when compared to regular flash drives and can be posted to potential customers at standard postage rates.

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