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How to turn consignment dresses into cash

by anonymous

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How long does an average person wear a dress before retiring it? The precise answer to this question is not easy to tell - we know for a fact that many people retire their clothes soon after buying them i.e. while the clothes still look almost as good as new. The next question is: where do all these clothes go once their owners relegate them? Well, some remain in the dark recesses of their owners' closets, only occasionally seeing the light of day. The unluckier ones end up gathering mold in attics or basements. Nevertheless, some people charitably donate their clothes to persons who need them.


Now, if you are one of those people with piles of unused clothes lying around, you have an opportunity to turn them into cash by simply selling them at consignment stores. With the numerous online consignment stores up and running today, you will only spend minimal energy to make money out of your unused clothes. This idea sound good, doesn't it? Why not get into action right away then?


Before you make money from these clothes, you need to do a few things though.


Start by sorting out the items you want to consign and those you feel that you should keep a little longer. Consignment stores like neat clothes with few or no blemishes. Afterwards, visit several online consignment stores with a small checklist in hand. The first item on your checklist should be: "How much are the consignment dresses on this website going for?" This question is important because it shows how much you could expect from comparable items of your own. Secondly, ask yourself what type of consignment garmentsare on sale on each website. Some stores are very particular about the dresses they accept and so if yours are different then that store won't do you much good. When people shop for consignment dresses online they tend to look for particular brands or fashion trends which means that they will search in specific places. Make sure therefore that you put your consignment dresses where interested buyers are more likely to find them.


Still on the little checklist, now on the third item, is the percentage of the sales that the store will give you for each item. It certainly doesn't make sense to surrender more than half of the sale; a fee of 20 to 30 percent sounds reasonable.


By this time it can be assumed that you have managed to shortlist a handful of online consignment stores that look promising. The next step is very important: take a tour of each consignment store and put yourself in the position of a person shopping for consignment dresses online. How do you like the look and feel of the store? Do you like the presentation of merchandise, the photos, the navigability of the store, and the ease with which you locate vital information? These are just some of the aspects that should be weighing in your mind.


Why are these tours important? They are important because how you experience the store is the same way others will when they are shopping for consignment garments online. If people meet brick walls all over the website they will just take their consignment dresses online shopping requirements elsewhere. The point is - do not put your consignment dresses on online stores that don't impress you because chances are that very few people looking for consignment clothes online will be there.


Summarily, what you need to make good cash from your clothes is a good online consignment store offering good deals and a great shopping experience.



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