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Why Buy Cheap Lever Arch Files

by anonymous

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Paper storage can be costly, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of paper in your work place or home office. Cabinets and mobile pedestals can cost as much as $140. However, cheap lever arch files are a good alternative for your storage needs. Each one costs around $10-12. They can store a stack of loose papers with a width of 70 mm, or 2.7 inches. 


Lever arch files are compact, making them ideal for small offices and limited storage spaces. They have interior compressor bars that hold loose papers in place, which keep them organized and prevent them from peeking out of the containers in an unsightly manner. Unlike drawers and mobile pedestals, lever arch files are also more portable. 


Provisions for labels on the spine enable you to mark the containers for easy organizing. Labels can also be custom-made if you want them to bear the company logo, or if you want to add a personal touch.


A Number of Options


You can have access to a large selection of cheap lever arch files even if you’re on a budget. They come in a variety of sizes, with dimensions that range from 25 cm x 62 cm to 35 x 62. They come in different colors and designs. They can also be customized to fit your tastes.


For the sake of convenience and cost savings, you can buy lever arch files in sets of ten or twelve from suppliers. This would cost less than buying them per piece. Bulk-buying is ideal for large offices and expansive paper archives. However, purchasing individual containers is still an option if you only need a few for a manageable number of loose papers.


There are also cheap lever arch files made of different materials, such as cardboard and plastic. Some are sturdier than others, so you need to consider if you need heavy-duty containers. Heavy-duty ones are made of plastic and thicker-than-average cardboard. These are ideal if you need to move your containers around a lot, and if you want to keep large volumes of loose papers without your containers bursting or losing their shape.


While regular cardboard is also durable, this kind of material is better-suited for less bulky paper collections. Lastly, some containers are made from recycled material, which are perfect if you’re concerned about the environment.

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