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The right way to recover information from a crashed Really h

by Valvialey

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So then began the quest to seek out a way to recover from the Recycle Bin. I searched a lot around the internet and located that it was attainable and it can be accomplished by simply enclosing the drive into an external difficult drive case which tends to make really hard drive to become in a position to connect by means of USB port to a Computer. But this was not all considering my had drive was creating a strange noise when it was there inside the laptop, so I was positive that its going to become a mechanical fault.

As I was browsing and looking on internet to get a solution I came across an interesting web page Lazy (Men's) Electronics: Recovering Data from Challenging Drive Failure . This individual was also obtaining the exact same issue as I went through his web page, I got an thought of that it may be the issue with my drive as well. When I opened my drive I found that fault was because of head stuck on the platter of tough disk which was not moving even when the platter was rotating. This was why the difficult drive was generating such a strange noise and my laptop started showing an error message 'Operating program not found' at boot time and my laptop was dead. It was not in a position to boot and load Windows. I also created confident that the new drive is compatible with my laptop motherboard that is an Intel PM45 Mobile chipset and located that it supports greater capacity drives. The drive came inside 5 days and YES! it was compatible with my laptop and got installed successfully.

Now the only thing I wanted was my data. So I ordered a USB enclosure from EBay just for $4.00 and got it shipped from Hong Kong. It took about 20 Days to ship to Canada and I waited patiently for it.
Immediately after I opened the drive my guess was suitable the head was stuck on the platter and I just very carefully moved it into its resting location.

With my fingers crossed, I place it back in to the USB enclosure and son of a GUN! there's the information!, my laptop detected the drives. So I started copying the data as soon as you can as a result of I knew its going to be dead soon because the drive was making ticking sounds. So I waked up till two:00 AM how to recover recycle bin and then I decided to turn off the computer system immediately after I was completed. I was able to copy about 90-95% data from my drive, several of the information got corrupted.

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