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Revolutionary Cellular Backup and Alarm Communicators for Fo

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Securing your home well is of utmost importance today not only
in commercial establishments but also at homes. A cellular network is
much more advanced than the wireless system. Even if the main security
arrangement does not function on the cellular network, there is an
urgent need to set up a backup alarm system. There are companies in
Malaysia that manufacture and distribute such products at competitive


The GSM Technology


The GSM cellular technology is so widely used today enabling
connectivity to millions of people around the world. The benefit of GSM
security systems is in providing wireless connectivity; a control panel
manages the devices. The GSM module for alarm system works on 2G in
most countries; in USA it uses the 3G network. When the system is
activated, it senses the entry of an intruder and signals are sent to
cell phones attached to it. The module functions as a mobile phone. You
can use it with the help of a local SIM card. Today, you can get alarm
monitoring systems that provide security for homeowners whether you are
there or not. A wireless alarm system such as the GSM dialer
automatically notifies you if an intruder enters your home or office.
The device has the provision of sending SOS messages to police stations


Communication Backups


There are many companies offering alarm communicators that can be
used for several applications. A GSM module provides self monitoring
while there are others that require a CMS or ‘central monitoring
station.’ A secure and reliable alarm communication can be had using
backup features of GSM or GPRS; with this you don’t have to worry about
telephone line disruptions. When your telephone line fails, you can
rely on a dialer which has a GSM alarm backup. This affordable option
is extremely useful especially during emergency situations when your
primary communication system does not function. It automatically takes
over and sends signals to the main monitoring centre. A cellular backup
is the ideal solution for security. It operates using a ‘subscriber
identity module.’ However, there should be good mobile connectivity in
your area for efficient functioning.


Centralised Monitoring


Networking concepts have revolutionised the automation system in
buildings. Several companies manufacture elevator monitoring systems
that automatically communicate elevator issues to a control center.
Local service specialists are dispatched to the site immediately. The
monitoring center should be well-equipped and have efficient logic
process ability. Modular hardware should be used with easily available
spare parts. Remote monitoring is vital for efficient functioning. A
lift auto dialer is a very useful elevator telephone system that is
programmed to call rescue operators and other emergency numbers. It
requires a telephone connection from the lift machine room.


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