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New way of business expansion is explanation videos

by anonymous

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The first thing which always comes to a businessman’s mind is that
how can they expand their business and raise their customer count. The
answer to the question is by proper advertisement. It is very easy to
reach customers through advertisement as they come to know about your
product and company a lot through it. Some of the popular ways of doing
it is by giving pamphlets, advertisements and many more such things.
One new way of doing is by making a website of your company and adding
videos in it. Explanation videos
make your objective known to your customers and also your products are
known by them. There are many ways of doing it. One most popular way is
animated videos. Animation is something which is loved by all and thus
it is very eye-catching also. The customers won’t at all feel bored
after looking at it and thus their growing interests would also add
them to your customers list.

Some of the chief advantages of explainer video
are as follows. Firstly, your customer count is raised by almost 85% if
these are added to your website. It has been statistically approved
also and also the psychological evidence supports this. It is a common
saying that one believes mainly what it sees and hears at the same time
and this saying is proved right by these videos. Secondly, a website
with videos in it is ranked very high in the Google. If your website
comes in the first or second page of Google ranking then the chances of
your products sale would also rise. Thirdly, it helps you explain your
point in a fixed and short time which is not much time consuming for
the viewers. Viewers would normally take quite a lot of time to read a
text advertisement whereas a video would hardly take a few minutes. One
more thing you should be cautious about is the voice that you will be
using in the video. It should be clear as well as an attractive one.
Fourthly, these videos are the favorites also of search engine
optimizers and thus are better promoted by them. Fifthly, these videos
are easily shared on top websites such as YouTube which raises your
chances of driving more customers towards your website. These
advantages are useless if you cannot view the results of these. Just
after realizing it one should start keeping a track of it. You can make
improvements after seeing the count of the viewers. This makes you
better and better with the passing time.

If you post a video in your homepage of the website then it is all the
more profitable for you. It can be viewed just by opening your website.
Homepage video should be made more carefully than any other video. It
should be done in a much scripted way so that chances of any sort of
error are least. There are many companies that do these for you. Be
sure about choosing the right ones. Make sure that behind everything
your goal should be business expansion and nothing else.



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