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Counting on a Trusted Des Moines Roofing Company:An Overview

by joannebarragan

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Birds like gulls and pigeons can migrate to Des Moines in October and November. While this makes the city one hotspot in Iowa for bird-lovers, the headache of cleaning up the mess they leave is a filthy task for professionals of roofing in Des Moines. In fact, issues that can only be fixed with roof repair work or cleaning are caused by a lot of different reasons, namely:

Weather condition

The most apparent opponent of a roofing is the weather, particularly thunderstorms and heavy rain. The potential for high gale winds and falling tree branches to damage a roof is evident. However, sunshine, heat, and hazardous ultraviolet rays can also cause roofing system deterioration (albeit in a longer duration of time). Rain is also a hazard since moisture can weaken the beams and foundations that support a roof, triggering it to collapse if left untreated.


Bird droppings are not just disgusting and foul-smelling, they can also trigger roofing system damages due to their acidic nature. They are specifically tough to eliminate in roofings that integrate protective membranes like thermoplastics because the droppings often stick on them. There are also the physical damages done by birds on the roofing whenever they're flying or roosting.


The branches of tall trees can also damage the roofing system by scratching it as they sway to the wind. If they break and fall, there is a likelihood that the branches will land on the roofing system's drainage system and clog it. Falling leaves and twigs may also consist of hydration that they will pass on to the roof, therefore enhancing the threat of moss and algae buildup.

Moss and Algae

It is a recognized truth that fungi and some other bacteria only require tiny amounts of water to survive. At the minimum, their dark and brownish look ruins the looks of a roofing system. However, one Auburn roof repair company also cites that moss and algae can in reality absorb and retain wetness that will harm the roofing, not unlike rain.

Birds aren't actually that bad when compared to the other things that can spoil a roofing. For everything else that can't be taken care of by a non-professional, roofing system repair companies are your best option. For some do-it-yourself tips on how to repair a roofing system after rain or snow, go to:

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