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Create Rockband'ism to Flourish in Business

by anonymous

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Henriette Weber is a rock n' roll author and is the founder of Toothless Tiger where she flourishes as a business expert, specializing in branding, marketing, online presence, communities, and social media. Even she works with e-commerce, online reputation management and trend spotting. She helps different companies to use their online strategies as a marketing tool. There are mysteries in the world of business. According to Henriette Weber you must identify yourselves with the brand that we purchase. Nowadays, people want to feel cool as they don't just want a shopping experience. They want an engagement with the company that they can relate.


If you want to feel cool, you may get the companies we buy from. That's Henriette Weber is in a mission to make companies into rockbands. While she says rockbands that doesn't mean drunky, nasty, puke-y stuff. Therefore, she has created her own word “rockband'ism.” This word leads to the defination of the childhood dream version of being in a rockband that will lead to the feeling of being more loved and respected and cool.


There are certain features of Rockband'ism to make you feel happy and cool.


  • Henriette Weber said that companies must look consider themselves as rockbands. As the world has changed the business also needs to be changed.


  • A couple of things have been listed by Henriette Weber that one can do to become a rockband as a company or as a person.


  • You must give support to your company that makes a difference to their surrondings. If you want to buy electronics you can check out what exactly the electronic producers are doing of good in this world.


  • You have to implement good work in your daily life and do well by doing good. Whatever you will give you will get back at some point of time.


  • What will the rockband do? It will show you where your personal integrity or business lies as you actually act as a rockband that you admire.


  • You must lead instead of managing. Leadership is the key in business instead of managing it. When you lead you can tell people how to reach the stars, if you manage then you keep them on the gound.


  • Respect and confide in what people do. If they can't do it they won't be there for long.


  • You must not be arrogant as the audience won't tolerate it. You must speak to people not as a company rather as a person.

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