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Hepatitis B – What You Need To Know?

by arlenberte

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Hepatitis B is the most serious liver infection that is caused by the virus that is called by the same name. It affects the liver thereby causing cirrhosis, liver failure or even liver cancer. This virus is capable of transmitting itself through the blood and bodily fluids. Generally, people falling under the categories like those with infected partners, first aiders, infants born with their mother having this infection at the time of delivery, emergency personnel and health care workers are prone to attack by this virus.

Even though, infants get this when the mom has this infection during delivery, if a pregnant woman is diagnosed with this virus attack in the early stages of pregnancy, treatment for hepatitis B in the form of vaccines can protect the infant. People falling under the high risk category can take some defensive acts to protect themselves from this infection. Some of the questions about this virus and appropriate answers are given below:

How to know whether you are at high risk category?

The point is that if you are working in the health care industry or when you are working in labs and are dealing with blood and bodily fluids, you are at higher risk of getting affected.

How to protect yourself?

People, who are falling under high-risk category are recommended to opt for preventive vaccination as compared to opting for treatment for hepatitis B. The vaccination is given three times within six months. Also, it would be wise to get the anti-body level of hepatitis B analyzed once in six weeks after the completion of the vaccination series. This will ensure sufficient protection and repetition of series of vaccination would be effective to stay protected.

What are the additional precautionary measures to be taken?

It would be wise to avoid direct contact with bodily fluids and if there are diluted bleach solution and before giving care to infected people, it would be wise to cover the cuts and open sores if any in your body. After potential exposure, do not forget to wash your hands completely with warm water and soap.

How to find out the status of Hepatitis B?

A blood test from a professional lab will be enough for finding whether you are affected by this infection. Prevention is always better than cure and so it would be wise to ensure that preventive measures are taken.

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