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Oakland Roofing Tips: How to Remove Moss

by sashaherrick

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One of the most harmful plants that can ruin your roof covering is moss. Whether you stay in the cities of Lafayette or Oakland in California, having a moss-covered roof could seriously obstruct efforts for replacement, repair, or even restoration. To ensure that your makeovers go without a hitch, Oakland roofing contractors suggest you clear off your roofing of moss via do-it-yourself or with expert assistance from experienced roofing professionals.

Clear the Area

Before you begin moss elimination, remove all clutter from your roof including wind-blown
leaves, branches, and various other gunk on roof shingles and in the rain gutters. This provides you adequate work area and breathing space to do a comprehensive job. You can also begin to extract moss that have expanded roots and are tall sufficient to tug.

Wash and Brush

Prepare a combination of half a cup of powdered detergent for every 10 gallons of water. Use it to the affected area of your roofing system to soften and loosen the moss for easier cleansing. After that, use a hard-bristled long-handled brush and scrub down. To keep from ruining your roofing system material, use top to bottom strokes.

Double Check

Let the roofing dry, after that check if all of the moss has been eliminated. If it hasn't yet, pour a moss killer chemical in a spray container and apply on the affected area. Make certain that none of the chemical trickles to the soil or any sort of greenery as this can be harmful to plants. Next, evaluate the condition of your roof covering. If the underlying material is currently evident, call your neighborhood roofing contractor to examine if you require roof repair work or replacement.

Organic Substitute

You could also use eco-friendly substitutes to potent moss-killing chemicals. Mix water and eco-friendly moss removal powdered soap in a spray bottle and squirt on the affected areas. Very carefully review the maker's directions before applying the blend.

When the moss has actually made its way through your roof covering material, call your Oakland or Lafayette CA roofing contractor for proper action. This makes certain that your restoration project will be a success and that your brand-new roofing will be equally as sturdy as the previous one, or even better. For more information, browse through

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