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Tungsten Rings Keep Their Shine Forever

by MartinAndMacArthur

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Have you ever noticed how titanium rings lose their shine and luster almost as soon at you start wearing them?

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Most people are disappointed that expensive rings tarnish and turn yellow so easily, especially if you wash your hands frequently. And as your mom says, you’d better be washing your hands!

Most metals were not made to endure regular wear, especially on hands. That’s why titanium, sterling silver, and platinum always lose their shine and need constant polishing with special cloths and liquids.

Titanium rings are the worse. Titanium rings are made with a soft metal alloy originally created by NASA for space ships. It was never meant for use in jewelry. That’s why titanium rings show tiny scratches very easily. After a month, your new titanium ring will be so covered with scratches it will look like a matte finish. Not shiny. And those scratches on titanium rings can never be polished out. Your titanium ring is scratched forever.

tungsten rings

The best metal for rings is tungsten. Tungsten is the hardest metal in the world, guaranteed never to scratch or dull. You never have to polish a tungsten ring, because tungsten rings have a shine that lasts forever.

Of course, some tungsten rings are made solely of tungsten. But, Martin & MacArthur has a brilliant collection of tungsten rings made with its own private stock of Koa. Koa is the wood once reserved for the Hawaiian monarchs.
Koa eternity rings

Martin & MacArthur’s Koa-tungsten rings have the best Koa in Hawaii because this company has been making fine Koa furniture longer than anyone else in the history of Hawaii.

Koa Furniture

Author Bio:

Local-born Michael Tam, returned to Hawaii with an accomplished track record leading global companies with a strategic marketing focus. In 2008, Tam became the majority owner, CEO, and President of Martin & MacArthur, the premiere Koa furniture maker and retailer in Hawaii for fifty years. Also make personal accessories such as Kao wood watches ,jewelry,rings.

Tam is responsible for leading Martin & MacArthur to achieve sustainable, profitable, and long term growth. He has created meaningful connections within the community in support of the Hawaiian heritage and local artisans in Hawaii.

In the past three, Martin & MacArthur has opened nine new stores, including its first stores on the Big Island and Kauai. A distinctive retail store base is being created, focused on the finest home furnishings and personal accessories made in Hawaii for the gracious Hawaiian living. The Hawaiian furniture store have koa furniture & rocking chair. They Also make personal accessories such jewelry, jewelry boxes, wood watches .

By the time Tam returned to Hawaii, he had accumulated extensive executive experience with global companies that included Nordstrom, Starbucks, Borders, McDonalds, and American Eagle Outfitters. His career is marked with success in creating corporate business strategies; developing new brands; reposition existing brands; introducing brands into global and domestic markets

After graduating with a Master of Management degree in marketing and finance at the Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University, he joined Leo Burnett as senior media planner for Procter & Gamble and was International Vice President responsible for McDonald’s Corporation.

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