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Award winning sommelier wants you to become a terroirist!

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Forget fruit bombs and overpriced wines: you can drink the very best wines in the world without breaking the bank and Olivier Magny shows you how in Into Wine – An invitation to pleasure (Gourmand Horizons, on-sale May 15th, 2013). 
Into Wine is based on Magny’s unique teaching style and experience that rapidly turned this thirty something into one of France’s most prominent wine personalities.


Wine, he argues, is not that complicated. Instead of focusing on price, grape or origin, Olivier Magny believes in simply getting back to the basics: understanding how it’s made. And the key to that understanding lies the idea of terroir – this sense of place Magny has become an ambassador for. By factoring terroir in, not only do you frequently land fantastic deals, you also get to try the most interesting – and the healthiest – wines out there.

Olivier Magny is a young and vibrant French sommelier who speaks five languages and started the #1 wine tasting school in France. He’s also the host of a wine travel TV show and the best-selling author of Stuff Parisians Like. Magny holds the world record of the highest wine tasting in the world. He has personally taught wine to more than 50,000 people – all this at age thirty-two! Into Wine reflects Magny’s contagious passion and energy. It is written in a very engaging and irreverent style and the reader finds out immediately what makes his approach not only unique and efficient, but also truly inspiring.

That is maybe the most endearing part of Magny’s work: his method is not only informative and fun, but it’s also eye opening at a much broader level. Page after page, the author demystifies wine, debunks all snobberies and reveals how learning about wine entirely changed his life. 
And who knows, after reading this book, maybe it will change yours… 

Olivier Magny is an award-winning sommelier who started the France’s #1 Wine Tasting Operation. He’s been featured in the New York Times, GQ, the Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine Magazine and other media. He speaks five languages, hosts a wine travel TV show and is a world-record holder of the highest wine tasting in the world. Olivier’s first book Stuff Parisians Like was an international best seller. He’s frequently referred to as “the Jamie Oliver of wine”. He is thirty-two years old. .

An invitation to pleasure

by Olivier Magny

Gourmand Horizons 
on-sale: May 15th, 2013

ISBN-10: 0615658431 – ISBN-13: 9780615658438 
Price: $19.95 * 218 pages


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