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Factors to Consider for Choosing Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

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Kayak paddles unlike oars or canoe paddles have blades at both ends. The blades on both enables you to pedal both sides this helps to provide enough speed. A wide variety of materials are employed to make kayak paddle generally aluminium is used but still those who are master in this prefer fiberglass or carbon made paddles as they are light and easy to handle ad operate. Expert paddlers prefer Fiberglass Kayak Paddle and carbon kayak paddle.

Factors to be kept in mind while choosing paddle

Kayak paddle should be chosen according to the body length skill set and experience of the paddler. Your arm length and height should be suited to the paddle you are using. Thus, length, weight and material of the paddle should be chosen accordingly.

Generally, paddle length varies from 220 comes to 255 comes so one can choose out of those available.  While you are shopping for the paddle, you should check for when the centre on your crown your hand should be at right angle from your bump.

Depending on the length of the people, length of kayak paddle could be decided. Taller people should go for wide boats having paddle length of above 240 comes instead people having average height require 235 cms only. People of Short height would need only 220 cms. Here is another good deal also as you could try different size and length of paddle depending on your body type.

Those paddlers kayaking just for fun should use short paddles, as it would be best suited for them.

The kayak paddles should be chosen keeping in minds its weight, height and durability before selecting them for kayaking. They should be durable, easy to handle and capable to withstand long hours in water. For this the material for paddle light weight and water-resistant.

When long trip is the case the strength and weight of paddle are the more considering factors. In such case, the most popular paddles are available ensuring long durability lightweight. A number of such paddles are there made of aluminium, plastic, wood, carbon fibre and fiberglass.

Wooden paddles are chosen in winter as they could keep your hands warm in winter. Fiberglass kayak paddle is light in weight and easy to handle. They do not require any maintenance Kayak paddle blades are designed such as to work properly while kayaking in water. Therefore, kayak blades should be designed carefully.

Overall depending on your need, frequency of use and priority you can use proper paddle for kayaking. As a large variety of paddle is available, you could choose from a durable one or cheaper one. The choice is all yours to choose from the advanced varieties available today in market. Although you have to pay a significant amount for durable paddle but you can choose to pay if you want long lasting paddles.

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