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Your choice – Marlboro cigarettes!

by anonymous

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If you are a smoker for years and are still looking for best cigarettes to smoke, then you should try Marlboro ones. Marlboro cigarette is the best brand with amazing flavor. There’s nothing compared to the feeling you get while smoking a Marlboro cigarette- just sit back relaxing and spending few minutes in heaven.  You’ll be surprised to find best quality that will help you relax with other words- they are the best cigarettes in the whole world. The origin of Marlboro cigarettes is USA, marketed heavily through identification with idealized cowboys.  Being the best cigarette on the market, it gives you an amazing nicotine rush. Marlboro is the most popular of all cigarette brands available on the cigarette market nowadays.


Of course, there are many other outstanding brands such as Newport, Camel, Winston, however only this brand meets all the expectations of a demanding smoker.  As per smokers’ affirmations, Marlboro cigarettes are not heavy on the throat and don’t leave a horrible aftertaste.  If you already smoke Marlboro and get used to them, then you won’t smoke anything else for sure. During so many years, Marlboro cigarettes are favored by adults, men and women, as well. Although in the USA, there is a heavy anti-smoking campaign- Marlboro cigarettes are the most heavily advertised drug on the planet.


The first person to advertise Marlboro cigarettes was Wayne McLaren- a cowboy on a horse with a cigarette. He represented the image of a man in control of his life, who could do anything and who had no problems.  That’s why he was called a “Marlboro cowboy” and he played a huge role in increasing the sales of Marlboro cigarettes. Due to the Marlboro campaign he gained his reputation and celebrity.


Another interesting fact about Marlboro cigarettes is that they were the first filtered cigarettes.  Wayne McLaren announced on TV shows that the filter would protect against all possible diseases, but did not alter the taste of cigarettes. Advertisers exploited several images, for example that of a  sailor , or of  a high-altitude builder to a war correspondent. All of them, of course, looked courageously and smoked Marlboro cigarettes. The image of a cowboy was the most successful, and the one the advertisers started using. America was reminded that it was built by these brutal guys. So why be afraid? Choose to smoke Marlboro cigarettes and feel the real taste!

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