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Mardy Eger Retires

by anonymous

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Mardy Eger the name that is known worldwide for his larger than life heart steps into a new arena in this chapter of his life after officially retiring from the MLM industry in fall of 2012 to fight for life and  causes close to his heart.

Mardy Eger has been a very present force in the work from home, mlm direct marketing industry for close to a decade.  Known as a leader, team builder and top mentor he’s crushed records that many only dream of.  But now his eye is on breaking records of a different sort, breaking records as to how many people lives he can impact, not one at of time but thousands at a time.

Mardy’s new passion is what has stemmed from years of a growing burning desire to one day fight for battered women, abused children, fight against the evils of human trafficking of women, young girls and children, the war and a fight for a cure for cancer and diabetes.   One might say  this doesn’t sound like retirement, but a very busy schedule and a whole lot on one’s plate.

And that notion can be considered absolutely correct, it is a lot, it is a heavy plate and burden to carry, but it is something that even a young Mardy Eger has resonating in his mind and spirit since a young child of 8 years of age.  One afternoon after seeing his mother on an occasion that was very frequent very marred, bruised and battered, he screamed out with tears flowing from his face, Mama, one day I will own a place for battered women and kids where they will not have to go through what you are going through and what we are going through, and you will be safe!  At a young and tender age these words resonated from the mouth of a child whom only worries should have been, what game to play with or what friends to play with next, but instead living in horror his young heart was driven to think as a young adult, and within months the event that would change everything.  His mother and grandparents were gone, they were victims that lives were taken due to the very thing at the hands of his father.


This in itself created a life time of looking and searching for answers, many which have never been found.  Some that was and created new questions, but ultimately a lifelong quest to accomplish and honor that which he promised his mother, the light of his life at that young age. Now it’s time he says, its time.

This promise along with the other battles that have all in some form have tapped on the fiber of his life, are now all the next chapters for him and his family.  We take our hat off to you Mr. Mardy Eger and we are routing for you and we thank you for all that you have done to help so many others.

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