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Why Are the Grease Traps Used in Commercial Kitchens?

by aquamundus

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You should know that food and restaurant industry basically generates tons of waste and greasy substances every day. The waste emitted from the kitchen of the restaurant and food manufacturing establishments normally consists of FOG (fat oil and grease) which is very much harmful for our environment. There is a huge amount of solid waste that is produced commercial food establishments which can be easily separated from the water. The devices that are used for the separation of the water from solid waste are known as grease traps .

These devices are very much useful in protecting our environment and gathering the solid waste of water for proper disposal. These may cost you some pounds at the time of installation however, later you will surely realize their importance. It's not only all about installing a device for the prevention of various problems, but regular maintenance also very much important. Once the grease stuck inside your pipes or in the septic tank then you are sure to invest a lot in making them work properly. To avoid such problems in the future and also taking a good initiative towards our environment we should install the grease trap .

These traps are actually tanks through which the hot greasy water passes through and the solid waste or the FOG is captured in between. Once the water cools down, the grease and oil content flow on the surface of the water and on top of the traps. The cooled water flow down to the drain however, the grease trapsprevent the solid substances to pass through them and holding them inside until cleared by the user.

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