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Think Again, If You Think You Don't Want Portfolio Websites

by pixpadesign

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I have met a lot of designers and photographers who think that creating and maintaining an online portfolio website is a total waste of time. They think that if they spend more time practicing and researching and collecting ideas for their designs instead of maintaining their portfolio online, they will be working smarter and be more productive and efficient.

Well before you start believing in that above statement, you need to know who you are doing all those researching and practicing for. If you do not have a client or two in your pocket how do you think that you can go further above? Opening and maintaining a portfolio means that you are showcasing your talent and you are marketing yourself as a brand to the people outside.

In this day of the twenty first century, whenever people need a designer or a photographer, they tend to search online. Someone with a good online presence are more likely to get hired than any other person online. And how do you have a good online presence? Portfolio websites are your ticket to the online virtual world where you can earn handful of potential clients and turn them into cash in the long run.

Having a portfolio website is a professional way of showcasing your work

This is a more professional approach of showcasing your work. Instead of spamming the client’s Inbox with all your works, you can send an email linking it to your portfolio website. Here the client can see all your work and can rate you. Instead of giving away business card, which people care very little, you can always put all your contact details in your website.

Increases your visibility and credibility

If you have an online portfolio, you can reach more audience. If you are just using your local clients, you are not taking a shy at your career. You need to reach a broader audience and face international challenge in order to spice up your career. Able to reach more audience means that you can have clients at international level and have more jobs than you have used your traditional portfolios.

Makes you more than just your resume

When you submit a resume, your employers have little evidence to judge you by. However, if you upload our works to your online portfolios, your employer will have more excuses to hire you. Now you are more than your resume with your bullet points. You are what you have done. You are your work, you are your creativity and the employers will hire you for what you are.

Having an online portfolio website is more than just what you may think it is. They are a powerful medium and are your vehicle to the outside challenging world. And using an online portfolio website is more eco-friendly than those traditional portfolio booklets that you use. So if you think that you can do without a portfolio website. Think twice.

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