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What Services do Digital Transcription Companies Offer You?

by moslegalservice

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Digital transcription outsourcing is great help for businesses and plays a vital role in driving growth and profitability.  Business firms usually have loads of digital files to transcribe, document and archive for easy retrieval. However time and resource constraints limit their ability to carry out these tasks efficiently. The best option for converting audio and video content into error-free text formats is to hire digital transcription services.

Digital transcription involves the transcription of digital audio or video files into the format specified by the client. These files may relate to digital recordings of business meetings, letters, discussions, lectures, court proceedings, depositions, conferences, personal interviews, seminars, academic videos, and media-related recordings. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital transcription methodology, digital transcription companies strive to understand client unique requirements so that they can offer custom, top quality transcriptions services to meet these specifications.

Besides legal practices, healthcare facilities, retail or other kinds of business, the academic community, the media, research institutions, hospitality, military, government, insurance, and public and private corporations benefit greatly from professional digital audio transcription solutions.      

Digital transcription services for a wide range of file formats

Digital transcription firms can convert the files in various types of digital format into well-organized, error-free transcripts. Digital transcription services are available for a wide range of file formats including MP4, MP3, MPEG, MOV, WMZ, AVI, DVF, DIVX, and AIF. The benefits of professional audio digital transcription services include:

• Various options for secure file transfer such as FTP or browser-based transfer
• Digital transcription performed by professionally trained transcribers
• Error-free transcripts
• Transcripts formatted to suit client requirements
• Customized turnaround time
• Affordable costs and volume rates

The availability of document flow management software allows clients to view and edit the files even as the transcription is progressing. This improves the quality of the final outcome, ensuing documentation with accuracy levels as high as 99 percent. Quality, accuracy and completeness are also ensured with the help of rigorous quality control procedures. The digital transcripts are verified, proofread and reviewed by a team of proofreaders, editors and quality assurance specialists before they are returned to the client.

Reliable digital transcription companies offer their clients a separate team on their project. This ensures customized solutions. Technical support is offered round-the-clock by service providers who serve a global market. Based on the size of the files and audio clarity, the transcription process may take anything from 24 to 48 hours or more.


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